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Free Shipping on All orders OVER $120. Enter code: FREESHIP120

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Hello there! Welcome to an awesome place where you can make your own Hawaiian shirts! What’s cooler than going around with a stylish Hawaiian item that has your name or your adorable dog’s face on it? Featuring colorful, stunning, and customizable designs, our collection is confident to meet all of your requirements. 

Here at Hyperfavor, our talented designers can help you have your unique high-quality custom made Hawaiian shirts utilizing what you send us. In our gallery, many can be personalized with your text, others can be made with your own pictures depending on your diverse preferences. With different themes available, be quick to pick what you want to be featured on your outfit and let us know immediately!

Have a personalized Hawaiian shirt with your text

In our collection of custom pattern Hawaiian shirts, this is a very simple but interesting way to have your apparel customized. You can put your text to any design that catches your eyes and it will become a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing. The text you choose can be either your full name, nickname or a random one of your choice. 

For example, for this School Bus Driver design, your name can be put on your back, looking playful inside a yellow bus. Or if you prefer having your name featured on your collar and sleeves, have a look at this water-colored Surfing Custom Hawaiian Shirt.

Design your own Hawaiian shirt

Having some customized Hawaiian shirts with any graphics you desire has never been that easy! Just upload a portrait photo that has the right file type (jpg., jpeg., jpe., or png.), is within minimum file size (from 1-10mb) and clear to see, then you are good to go. You can literally choose any image, it can be of your face, your girlfriend’s, or your dog’s; as long as it has high resolution and good lighting, your chosen face will be presented beautifully on our custom printed Hawaiian shirts.

If you love this style, try uploading your photo to this Girlfriend Face Tropical Cat shirt. With such vibrant patterns, the Hawaiian shirts with faces are sure to make you feel upbeat the whole day.

Our selection also makes great gifts for those summer days, so don’t hesitate to design some Hawaiian shirts, choose the most fitted size, and surprise your loved ones today! If you have no ideas to do so, you can refer to our Hawaiian shirts collection

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