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Free Shipping on All orders OVER $120. Enter code: FREESHIP120

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Hi, all dog addicts out there! Now, you have a different way to express love for your four-legged friends: an assortment of dog hoodies for adults and kids brought by Hyperfavor. With a lot of designs available, feel free to pick a dog sweatshirt showing your favorite breed of dogs!

Dog hoodies for humans with dog graphics

If you are the owner of a dachshund – a clear and lively breed of dog, you can’t turn a blind eye to this Dachshund It’s Fall Y’all Hoodie. The depiction of a dachshund wearing a scarf beside colorful pumpkins makes it a perfect item for dachshund lovers. You can change the color of this dog sweater into ash, gold, or pink if white is not your favorite color.

Another stunning hoodie for dog lovers is the Labrador Retriever Heart Hologram – a black sweatshirt with a luminous illustration of a Labrador Retriever. You can match this dog hoodie sweatshirt with a pair of white or LED sneakers for a classy look. Besides, having a hood can be beneficial as you can pull up to cover your head when it rains.

Dog print hoodies with funny expressions

In case you like to add some humorous sayings to your dog zip-up hoodie, we have plenty of designs for you.

If you have endless love for the bulldog – known for its wrinkled face and a pushed-in nose, you will fall in love with the “Bulldog Easily Distracted” Hoodie. On its plain black background lays an expression “Easily distracted by bulldogs!”, which speaks your heart exactly!

Meanwhile, people who love corgi – an active and loyal companion – can’t bear the cuteness and funniness of this Sorry I'm late I saw a corgi Hoodie. With the saying like its name, this cute dog hoodie can make you love wearing it daily to school or work!

For more dog hoodies for women and men, visit us today!

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