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Farming work always requires a lot of energy, devotion, and physical power. It would be great if farmers can be more relaxed only by some cool farmer tee shirts. If you are a farmer who needs some cheerful vibes at work, Hyperfavor’s funny farmer T-shirts promise to brighten up your day. Let’s explore what fits you best!

Agriculture T-shirt designs with animals

The typical design of farmer life T-shirts has animals on them. If you want to express your love to your livestock, this section is just perfect for you.

The first tractor tee shirt we suggest you look at is this Organic Farming Save The Soil T-shirt, which shows a cow with its whole body being a sense of the countryside. What could be more amazing than bearing a shirt that delivers both the passion for work and the love for your hometown?

Besides, if your livestock is chickens and you treat them like your best friends, you must be into the “Farmer Not Today Clucker” T-shirt, which displays a very gentle chicken on an all-white background.

Farming T-shirts with sayings

The series of farmer T-shirts sayings is exclusively for people with humorous personalities. A farming tee shirt with the funny utterance “I like pig butts and I cannot lie” is all you need right now!

Another item that grabs others’ attention right away is this Farmer Mom T-shirt – a typical I am farmer T-shirt for women with a stylized slogan “Part-time farmer, full-time mom” printed on a vibrant background.

Support your local farmer T-shirts

This assortment of farmer wear includes not only just a farmer T-shirts but also tee shirts about supporting farmers. One of our most favored designs is this Farmers Matter T-shirt – a white tee has a fist bump holding yellow rice plants with an outstanding tagline “Farmers matter”.

Particularly, if you are a mother of a hard-working farmer, you simply can’t turn a blind eye to this “Farmer Mom” T-shirt, which shows a very meaningful statement as “Some people only dream of meeting a hero. I GAVE BIRTH TO MINE”.

Lastly, our farmers clothing ranges in different sizes from S to 6XL so you can always find one that fits your body.

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