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Free Shipping on All orders OVER $120. Enter code: FREESHIP120

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Multiple Myeloma Shirts For A Better World

Every year, tens of thousands of new cases of multiple myeloma are diagnosed, causing thousands of deaths despite the advancements of medical technology. Multiple myeloma patients suffer from cancerous plasma cells in their bone marrow that impede healthy blood production and immune system efficiency.

The world decided that March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. At Hyperfavor, we are also eager to join hands and spread more awareness through our collection of multiple myeloma shirts.

Introducing Multiple Myeloma Awareness Shirts

Burgundy Ribbon is chosen as the official symbol of multiple myeloma shirts, apparel, and awareness campaigns. Along with burgundy, there are also purple, pink, green ribbons to represent other diseases, with the aim of creating a circle of compassion and empathy all over the globe.

Therefore, our multiple myeloma t-shirt designs draw inspiration from the primary color of burgundy and analogous hues to highlight the main message. These I Survived 2020 Multiple Myeloma Awareness shirts are the typical example that was launched recently, making reference to the year of 2020 when bad scenarios struck the whole world. Yet, it’s not enough to thwart multiple myeloma patients from striving for a normal life.

Apart from motivational quotes, mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons are also presented in Hyperfavor’s multiple myeloma apparel designs. The Warrior Unbreakable Retro and Fight Like A Dragon multiple myeloma shirts are among the most favorite.

Unicorns are indicative of miracles and enchantment, while dragons symbolize wisdom, vitality, heroism, luck, or regeneration, depending on each regional culture. They are closely associated with a sense of wonder and wishes no matter what you choose to believe in. Hence, there’s no doubt that these multiple myeloma shirts appeal to not only children but also adults.

It doesn’t matter how you put on your puzzle ribbon. Wearing one of these fantastic multiple myeloma shirts means that you are spreading warmth and love to all patients in society.

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