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Free Shipping on All orders OVER $120. Enter code: FREESHIP120



Hi guys, anyone here looking for a trippy tee to satisfy your psychedelic urge? If it is you, go no further because you have reached the right destination! Thanks to our design team, Hyperfavor has the best trippy shirts for men and women that might carry you away. Let’s take a quick tour to pick one that works best for you!

Trippy apparel with weed leaves

Those guys with a passion for psychedelic prefer trippy clothes with some marijuana leaves printed on them. Hence, we purposely create the following items that might fascinate you!

Many customers are fond of this So High Galaxy T-shirt as it delivers a sense of mysteriousness. At the center of the T-shirt lays a big luminous cannabis leaf on a sparkling galaxy background. Such cool trippy shirts are perfect items for exciting events such as music parties and concerts as well.

Another impressive psychedelic T-shirt for men is the Take It Easy Skull T-shirt, which illustrates two thrilling skulls on a background full of cannabis leaves. This trippy tee radiates the feeling of hallucination – which makes it perfect for psychedelic enthusiasts.

Trippy graphic tees with sayings

If you are more into psychedelic clothes with some expressions embedded, we highly recommend you to check out this one: "Just Get High" Skull T-shirt. With a skull illustrated outstandingly on a black background and an utterance as “Just get high”, the T-shirt is all you need for a trippy experience.

Besides, if you want some funny trippy shirts for your daily wearing, nothing better than an item named “Stay Trippy Tie-Dye” Unlike mentioned graphic tees with dark backgrounds, this T-shirt bears a pink-grown one with a cheerful expression as “Stay Trippy!”

On visiting Hyperfavor, you will be amazed at how cheap psychedelic clothing is. With many designs at very affordable prices, pick yourself some trippy shirts for sale now!

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