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Hello there, welcome to our pug print shirts section! As one of the most popular dog breeds, it is impossible for pugs to disappoint us because they are cute everywhere they go, even in the t-shirt designs. To help you choose your best-loved items from our pug clothing for adults and kids collection, let’s first define your cup of tea by looking at these two separate design styles: basic animation and all-over on pug dog t-shirts.

Basic animated pug tee shirts

Sometimes a hug or fist bump is all you need to get on with life. What’s better than having those from a pug? Here are two shirts with pugs on them giving out fist bumps for you and anyone out there: Pug Best Friend and Best Pug Mom t-shirts. As you can see, with such simplicity in the design style, you can have some cute pug shirts that can brighten up your closet. You can also check out this creative Pug Sugar Skull T-shirt for a slightly different style while still using only a few graphics on a plain background.

All-over pug graphic tees

Printed in multiple colors all over, these funny pug shirts are promised to make you feel good in different ways. If you like a cool and realistic kind of design, this American Flag Pug T-shirt might be what you are looking for. But if you prefer a more dreamy and graphic one, this Pug Tattoo I Love Mom T-shirt will surely attract you. In case you are wondering about the clothes’ feasibility, luckily, they are all ages’, both men and women’s pug shirts.

Being super smooth and easy to wear, our pug shirts for girls and boys are printed using premium spun polyester. Wait no more, grab some of our pug shirts for sale today!


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