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Welcome to Hyperfavor’s planet of T-shirts for life lovers! Are you looking around for some T-shirt designs that deliver your positive spirit? Yes, we know sunflower is a symbol of happiness and optimism, so our sunflower shirt ideas will be satisfactory for loving minds like yours!

Sunflower print T-shirts with animals on them

One of our most proud collections is an array of sunflower graphic tees with an adorable animal printed on each. Being an animal lover and a life lover at the same time is awesome and we’ve brought this combination into pieces of clothing. You must be impressed with this Sloth Guitar Blue T-shirt, which depicts a cute sloth holding a guitar under a big sunflower.

If you are a big fan of cats, the “Cat Playing Guitar” T-Shirt with an American flag background should be placed into your wardrobe. Pig is lovable also, prepare to be intrigued with this Pig American Flag and Sunflower All Over T-shirt, which presents a fluffy pig with his happy facial expression.

Sunflower T-shirt designs with sayings

Hyperfavor assures you will find yourself laughing in front of these cute sunflower T-shirts with sayings. A T-shirt with its funny utterance “I Just Really Really Really Really Love Sloths” decorated with sunflowers will make you stay positive the whole day.
We also have some cool women’s sunflower T-shirts such as the “Just A Girl Who Loves Turtles Sunflower” All Over T-shirt with a lovely turtle painted vibrantly at the center.

Men’s sunflower T-shirts with dark backgrounds

If you are a man preferring dark-colored items, then our black sunflower T-shirts will fit you best! Check this Baker Love Sunflower All Over T-shirt – a product with its background filled black and the word “LOVE” stylized in yellow. Besides, space enthusiasts can’t neglect the “In The Outer Space” T-shirt with shining planets and sunflowers on a galaxy base.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about your size as Hyperfavor has from S to 5XL, which means you can always find your favorite sunflower shirt plus size or small size that fits your body.

Last but not least, if you are into button-up shirts, check us for sunflower button-up shirt designs.

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