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We bet all weed lovers out there will fall in love with this array of weed T-shirts designed by Hyperfavor! With a wide variety of marijuana shirts available, you feel free to choose which one reflects your personality and preference the best. For a more exciting shopping experience, let us show you around!

Typical weed T-shirt designs

The typical design of weed print shirts certainly has a weed leaf on it. It would be either a big marijuana leaf painted at the center or many small ones scattered all over the shirt. Weed leaf T-shirts are just perfect items for weed eccentrics, who want to express their endless passion for marijuana.

This Tie Dye Weed T-shirt can be worn by almost any guys with its plenty of weed leaves on a blue and white background.

Stoner T-shirts with sayings

In our collection of weed T-shirts for men and women, weed graphic tees with funny utterances are highly preferred by those who want to be noticed. Hyperfavor made lots of efforts to create different distinctive sayings to meet the needs of our beloved customers.

Wanna Smoke Alpaca Bowl T-shirt is one of the cool weed shirts that depicts a cute fluffy Alpaca smoking cannabis on a plain white background. The question “Wanna smoke?” printed on the shirt sends much “I love weed” vibes into the air!

3. Marijuana T-shirts with skulls

Still not satisfied? Let us introduce you to another best-selling design of Hyperfavor’s weed tee shirts: cannabis T-shirts with skulls. While cannabis is the indication of high feelings, the skeleton gives a sense of rebellion. It would be an awesome choice to pick weed shirts with weed and skull patterns!

The one that might light your fire is this Tie Dye Weed Skull T-shirt – a smoke weed shirt having a thrilling skull smoke marijuana, which goes perfectly with other marijuana apparel like long pants.

With sizes ranging from S to 5XL, our funny weed shirts never fail to hold the attention of cannabis eccentrics.


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