Respect for Intellectual Property

Hyperfavor marketplace absolutely respects the intellectual property rights of artists, and has zero tolerance towards the infringement of intellectual property.

Artists under collaboration with Hyperfavor are noticed to be aware of their submitted artworks. They should not violate any privacy rights, moral rights, copyright, publicity rights, etc., as well as conform with all laws and governmental and judicial orders. Hyperfavor stands against any illegal artwork-stealing behavior.

To file a complaint

With all of our respect for intellectual property rights, Hyperfavor will promptly respond to every claim of copyright infringed artwork on our site or any other infringement of intellectual property rights.

You can submit your claim HERE for any intellectual property infringement on Hyperfavor marketplace infringing upon your intellectual property.

If Hyperfavor acknowledges any intellectual property infringement from any Artist, our policy will make zero-tolerance towards this kind of behavior. We will immediately take action, including the termination of the Artist’s agreement, followed by the removal of the account and all artworks that existed on Hyperfavor’s system.
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