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Hi there, welcome to the category of t-shirts with chickens on them! Serving as a chicken t-shirt store, this section of Hyperfavor is where you can find the most intriguing and crazy designs. To help you pick your favorite hen t-shirts, here we offer shirts with two types of printing: basic animated and multi-colored ones.

Basic animated chicken apparel

Even when this type of printing on tees sounds “basic”, it won’t stop you from being outstanding with such cool chicken t-shirt designs on just plain background. Let us introduce you to some items for reference. Take a look at this Mom Life Heihei T-shirt, with a harmonizing combination of typography and funny graphic design, it can show not only a great sense of fashion but also your big love for chickens and moms. Or with the same type of chicken tee shirts but you prefer a fun vibe, this Always Chicken Mom T-shirt would be the perfect choice for you.

Multi-colored chicken tee shirts

With a variety of colors used on one design, these shirts make it possible for the ones putting them on feel really unique and special. Creating different colors on the chicken t-shirts, our designers surely have put a lot of creative efforts, taking these two for example: Mommy And Babies Chick and Farmer Not Today Clucker t-shirts. As you can see, they give off totally different vibes, one represents patriotism and the other is more close to nature, depending on your taste. Also, no matter how different the designs are, they are suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Being available in all sizes and styles, our funny chicken t-shirts are waiting for you to pick. Don’t hesitate to bring joy to the room with your chicken print clothing, folks!

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