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Free Shipping on All orders OVER $120. Enter code: FREESHIP120

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Are you a big fan of dinosaurs or just want a funny graphic T-shirt? Regardless of both, our collection of dinosaur print T-shirts will make you fall for them. Thanks to Hyperfavor’s talented designers, we have a wide range of lovely patterns for you to pick. Let’s see what can be your favorite!

Highly-favored dinosaur T-shirt designs

You might not be a fan of dinosaurs but we’re sure you will love the following items because of its cuteness.

The most basic dino T-shirt but still a nice one is this Dinosaur T-rex Heart T-shirt, which has solely a black dinosaur on its white plain background. Other colors such as light pink, light blue, or gold are great to apply for your tee as well. We also highly recommend this dinosaur tee shirt for minimalists!

Another cute t-rex shirt for men and women, especially coffeeholic, is this Coffee Saurus T-shirt. The tee shirt displays a dinosaur holding a cup of coffee and the pink-purple phrase “Coffee Sarus” on a plain base. Created using baby colors, this tee can be worn not only by adults but also by children and kids as school wearing.

Funny dinosaur T-shirts with sayings

If you want to show your humor through funny dinosaur apparel, you shouldn’t miss our dinosaur shirts with sayings. The expressions printed on them will catch anyone’s attention!

One of the fittest dinosaur T-shirts for women is undoubtedly the Single Mamasaurus T-shirt, which shows a dinosaur wearing a red hair bow and a vigorous saying: “Being a single Mamasaurus and don’t have time for your shit”. Such T-shirts will be a cup of tea for women with an independent spirit!

If you’re more into vintage dinosaur clothes for adults, check out this Be A Mamasaurus Rex Dinosaur T-shirt right away! While this item is exclusively for moms, the “Mamasaurus Rex Vintage Sunset” tee is a unisex version for both sexes.

Besides, there are still plenty of dinosaur tee shirts for boys and girls available on Hyperfavor, hesitate no more!

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