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If you are a person with an endless passion for nature or are planning for camping, you must be tempted with our collection of mushroom print shirts. It is not an easy task at all to create impressive mushroom designs since these fungi are featureless to some extent, but we made it! Hyperfavor’s creative designers have successfully produced a variety of magic mushroom T-shirts that you can’t turn a blind eye to. Let’s explore!

1. Men’s mushroom T-shirts with dark background

We have an array of T-shirts that are filled with dark colors such as brown, back, or deep green, which are easy to match with shorts or long pants. For example, this Mushroom Camo T-shirt is preferred by a lot of our male customers as it carries camouflaged mushroom designs. This tee shirt is also extremely suitable for hunters, who have to mingle with the forest not to be detected by wild animals.

This vintage “Mushroom Hippie Peace Sign Vintage” T-shirt is another best-selling mushroom apparel of Hyperfavor, which is liked due to its uniqueness and mysteriousness. With a background in black, the item could be a satisfying option for your camping since it prevents possible stains from standing out.

2. Funny mushroom tee shirts with sayings

Besides mentioned mushroom T-shirts for men, we also have many mushroom tee shirts with entertaining sayings such as “Into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul”, “April showers bring May flowers. False. They bring morels and asparagus.”, etc. Particularly, Hyperfavor brings you distinctive mushroom clothing like this Mushroom Hunter Top Lies T-shirt, which displays the 10 most common lies of mushroom hunters.

Lastly, if you still want to purchase mushroom apparel but with more vivid patterns, I suggest this Hippy Trippy Mushrooms T-shirt for you – an item having a big blue mushroom placed at the center of a colorful background.


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