Hyperfavor is a company that focuses on letting people create personalizable items to show the world how unique they are. Thus, we wish to honor college students who also embrace this mission, and those who are eager to spread self-positivity messages.

The outfit you wear can say a lot about who you are. But how do you also explain your one-of-a-kind self in words? By showing what kind of clothing you identify yourself with, you can have a chance of receiving $1,000 to fund for your education.

2 winners will be chosen and awarded with the scholarship.

Scholarship Details

Having been launched since 2020 with amazing students awarded, Hyperfavor’s Shine Your Own Way Scholarship is an initiative to boost students’ confidence and self-love. We believe that all students will achieve more in both their academic journey and their future, if they are proud to show their unique identity.

Write an essay of 250-300 words (not exceeding 300 words), answering the following question: “If you’re a shirt, what kind of shirt would you be?”

Post a picture of the shirt that represents your answer on Instagram, with your essay as the caption. It can be any shirt that makes you feel “Yep, that’s definitely me as a shirt!” You can be creative and design a shirt of your own (physical or digital designs are accepted), but store bought shirts are also welcomed.

Place the #hyperfavorscholarship hashtag under your post (required) so that we can easily find your submission.

Fill in our application form with necessary information. Once you've filled out the form and posted the picture, we will notify you by email to confirm that we’ve successfully received your application.

Shine your own way scholarship

Deadline : August 1st, 2022

Eligibility and requirements

In order to qualify for this scholarship, check if you have fulfilled these criteria

  • Must be an enrolled student at an accredited college or university in the United States
  • All majors and GPA are considered and encouraged to apply
  • Have a public Instagram account
  • Applications must be in English
  • No plagiarism and copyright issue


There are no purchase requirement or entry fee to apply for this scholarship.

We maintain the right to execute any submission that goes against our given standards, including plagiarism or fraud.

All personal information gathered as part of this scholarship will strictly be used to confirm your eligibility. Hyperfavor will not share submitted information to any third-parties, nor use your info for marketing purposes. Your information will be kept confidential, and your contact information will only be used for communication purposes relating to the judging process.

We do not retain any student information. All personal materials will be permanently deleted at the end of our evaluation period.

The students will maintain all rights over their submitted essay and picture.

Scholarship FAQs

Q: How many times can I submit my applications?

A: Students can only submit their entry once.

Q: If I apply the scholarship last year, can I reapply it again this year?

A: All students who meet every eligibility and requirement mentioned above are welcome to reapply. Previous winners are not eligible to reapply.

Q: Is there any cost involved in submitting an application?

A: There is no cost involved. No purchase or payment is required either.

Q: I’m an international student, can I apply?

A: International students who are currently enrolled in a university or college in the US are very welcome to apply.

Q: Can my application be disqualified?

A: Any application using false information or failing to meet our requirements can be denied. Applications that fail to compromise with Instagram’s community guidelines are also disqualified.

Q: How will the scholarship be paid?

A: The scholarship award will be paid directly to the Universities/Colleges to aid the students in their education.

Q: Can I put multiple photos into one post?

A: You can upload more than one photo if you feel the need to, as long as there’s only a single post submitted.

Q: Can I submit a digital design of my shirt?

A: Absolutely! We value all creative products from applicants, as long as they represent who you are and answer our given question.

Q: Do I have to be in the picture with the shirt?

A: It’s great if you want to submit a picture of you wearing the shirt! But you can definitely send us the picture of just that shirt alone. We promise it won’t affect your submission.

Q: Does the number of likes/comments affect the result of my application?

A: In order to make the competition fair for everyone, we decided not to judge the application based on likes/comments. So be confident and rock that shirt!

Q: How the winners are selected?

A: The winners will be selected by a panel of our unbiased judges. They will be notified by the emails which are provided on their application forms. The scholarship may be awarded to an alternate winner if the chosen one do not response to the scholarship notification within 10 days after the notification date.

scholarship Application form


"T-shirt with a sunset at the beach pattern" is how one of our winners describes herself in her application. More about 2021 winners, check out our blog.


    Majoring in Nursing


    Majoring in Master of Public Health: Epidemiology

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