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    It’s certainly concerning to find your usual active and mischievous cat lying in one place for a long time. The cat just suddenly refuses to move, even when you try to lure them with their favorite food. If your cat won’t move from one spot, there might be some serious problems going on, and you may need to act fast.

    What Are The Common Signs?

    Any owner would be worried sick when they find their fur baby being sluggish and looking tired out of nowhere. It feels as if all the energy has left their tiny body, and they lack interest in their favorite things. The cat doesn’t want to move at all – they would stay in the same place over a long period of time.

    There are few other signs that can also be displayed together with their inactive behavior. If you are not sure about the cause of your cat’s condition, keep a close watch on them to see what other symptoms they may show. This can help you have a better description of the problem and get a more accurate diagnosis from your vet.

    cat won't move from one spot

    A few ways you can report to your vet about this issues to make diagnosing your fur baby easier, rather than just saying “my cat is not moving around much”:

    • My cat won’t move, eat or drink
    • My cat won’t move and is breathing heavy
    • “My cat won’t move but he is meowing a lot”

    Why Won’t My Cat Move From One Spot?

    Your cat is just tired

    If this is the first time your cat shows signs of not wanting to move, then they might just want a rest after doing something that uses up their energy. They might have been exhausted after coming home from an adventure outside, or after an exciting play session. If your cat refuses to move for just a short time and return to their upbeat, active self, then there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

    Your cat is sick

    Lethargy can be a very common symptom of many illnesses in cats. If you find your cat lying around too much or sleeping much more than they normally do, it’s time to consult with a vet.

    Pay attention to other details as well, such as whether they’re losing weight, not having any appetite or struggling to urinate.

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    cat won't move from one spot

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    Your cat might be in pain

    There are usually no other reasons for a usually playful cat to stay in one place for a very long time, other than they’re very uncomfortable. It can be that they’ve hurt themselves, and while not having any visible injury, there can be a chance of internal bleeding.

    Another possible reason is that they are under shock or having anemia, which makes them unable to find the strength to stand up.

    Your cat is depressed

    Similar to humans, excessive sleeping and lack of energy can be a sign of depression in cats. They might also lose interest in usual activities.

    Depression in cats can be caused by an injury, lack of stimulation, lack of attention or the loss of a loved one. If one of these reasons applies to your situation, then it’s likely that your cat needs help mentally.

    Your cat might be dying

    It’s a fact that’s hard to accept, but if your cat is already very old, then this is very likely the case. It’s important to stay calm when you speculate that your cat might be at the end of their line.

    First, confirm with yourself about their recent behavior. Have they not been eating or drinking? Have they been showing struggle in breathing, performing daily activities, or using the litter box? Have they lost a significant amount of weight, and show no interest in toys they used to love?

    Carefully examine these issues when you find that your cat won’t move from one spot. They might not be able to hold out for long if they keep on refusing to eat or drink, as it can lead to malnutrition and dehydration. Take them to the pet as soon as you notice this happening.

    cat won't move from one spot

    There can be a few scenarios that the vet may tell you. The best possible outcome is that the cat doesn’t want to move as they simply have less energy, which is associated with old age. However, be ready to receive bad news. Your cat may only have a few weeks, a week, or only a few days left.

    Check For Signs Of Sickness

    The first and most logical thing you need to do when your cat is not moving is to check if they’re in pain. If you see no visible injuries, gently use your hand to feel all over their body to check for any painful areas. There can be a chance of internal bleeding, so you should not move the kitty by force if they express extreme pain being picked up or touched. Consult your vet as soon as possible to find a solution.

    When the cat’s body temperature is either too high or too low, it can signify an emergency situation. Don’t try to wait for an appointment and get them into emergency care.

    cat won't move from one spot

    Check if they are breathing normally or in short, gasping breath. Rapid breathing may be a sign of anemia or fluid in the lungs. If they have difficulty breathing or struggling to get air, they might be suffering from pain or bleeding as well.

    In the case that your cat has not been eating, drinking, or using the litter box for the whole day, this signifies much more serious health problems. Take note of any abnormal behavior and report them to your vet.

    Gum Color Can Help Identify The Problem

    Look inside their mouth to see whether their gum is discolored or not. The color of the gum can indicate any health issues your cat is having. If it shows any color other than a healthy pink, there is something wrong happening to your cat’s body:

    • If the gum is yellow: your cat can have liver problems. Showing pain and discomfort may indicate that their liver malfunction is at a higher level.
    • If the gum is red: your cat may be having a heat stroke. Help them cool down by reducing room temperature, or spray them with slightly cool water to maximize heat loss. There’s also a possibility that your cat is being intoxicated by carbon monoxide. Bring them to the vet immediately if you suspect that this is possibly the case.
    cat won't move from one spot
    • If the gum is blue: your cat might have inhaled too much smoke or is feeling suffocated. Immediately bring your cat to a place with fresh air, or take them to the vet for further inspections.
    • And if the gum is pale or white: your cat may be suffering from anemia of shock. This can also explain why the cat is not moving from one spot. You might want to get their blood tested to see if this condition is associated with any other illnesses.

    What Should I Do If My Cat Won’t Move From One Spot?

    When you come to a close conclusion of what causes your cat to be lethargic, take action right away if the situation can be dangerous for the feline. Contact a vet to ask for further instruction. You might need to visit the vet as soon as possible to take necessary examinations such as blood tests, CT scan or X-ray.

    If the time of day when you discover this behavior isn't convenient for you to go out, listen to the vet’s diagnosis. Try to carefully follow their instruction to help the cat hold on a little longer, until you can bring them to the hospital. Try to get them to eat or drink a little bit if they haven’t been able to, by mixing wet food with water.

    Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy

    To avoid having to worry about the cat’s health when they suddenly don’t want to move, you can provide them with a healthy lifestyle. These are some ways to prolong a cat’s lifespan and make them happy:

    • Spay and neuter: It’s proven that spaying and neutering cats can give them a longer life span, since it reduces the chance of cats having certain diseases and infections. Your cat is less prone to wander off for a long time as well.
    • Provide a lot of entertainment and exercise: A tired cat is a happy cat, and not only do physical activities keep them stimulated, it’s a great way to avoid obesity and depression.
    • Give them lots of love and attention: When they feel that they’re loved, your cat will trust you more and enjoy their life with you. You can easily detect any abnormal behavior right away, since you’re too familiar with your cat’s way of acting around the house.
    cat won't move from one spot

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    • Get them a buddy: Raising pets in pairs is recommended, as both the animals will have a friend to hang out and accompany them when you’re not at home.

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