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    Puppies spend a great deal of time playing around, investigating, and chewing objects. However, there’re some moments when dogs go nuts and expend lots of energy, or in other words -  puppy zoomies biting

    This kind of behavior may seem cute in the first place, especially when your little furry friends are small puppies. Conversely, it’s not so endearing when they’re bigger as dog zoomies biting could leave your house a mess or even pose potential risks to the surrounding people. 

    So, how to stop puppy zoomies? Read on to find out the suitable solution for this bitey behavior.

    Puppy Zoomies Biting In A Nutshell

    Zoomies, also known as FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods), refer to those occasional explosions of energy in dogs that only last for a short period of time. Zoomies often come with crazy and repetitive actions such as spinning around, running in circles, and arousal biting. These behaviors are so funny and entertaining to some extent, and you might want to put that weird image of  your dog on a T-shirt to cherish the moment. 

    In fact, not limited to dogs, you might probably see your cat get the zoomies after pooping too.

    Puppy Zoomies Biting

    What causes aggressive puppy zoomies?

    Zoomies are more common in puppies and grown-up dogs than in older dogs, and those behaviors are a great way to release pent-up energy in dogs of all ages. Dogs experience "zoomies" for a variety of reasons. 

    First and foremost, a common cause of zoomies in dogs is an excessive source of energy that dogs hold on to for quite a while, which is then freed up in one big burst. Maybe this source of energy is the result of inactivity for a long period of time, or even sickness and serious health problems. 

    In some cases, your puppies explode when they are very excited about something, for example, after seeing another dog playing enthusiastically. Sometimes, “zoomies” appear when they are confused or a little stressed at dog training, especially when the course is challenging and they need to partially remove that psychological energy.

    According to research, there are certain times in a day that might trigger zoomies in dogs more than the remaining, such as puppy zoomies before bed, the very first moment in the morning, or after spending a long time in a dog’s travel crate. Some pooches get zoomies after a taking bath, while others are triggered by stressful situations like vet checks-ups. 

    What happens to dogs before the zoomies hit?

    Puppy Zoomies Biting

    Before the zoomies happen, your puppies usually get a glint in their eyes, and they may start playing with you or other dogs. Zoomies dogs often run quickly from one side of the room or yard to the other, back and forth, or spin in circles until falling down. Trying to catch the tail is also an act of "zoomies". 

    Are zoomies harmful? 

    While the frenetic movements your dog displays may seem relevant, they are actually part of the behavior in happy dogs. As long as the dog zoomies are in a safe space, these actions are nothing to worry about as he cannot get injured by pumping on objects or hurting others. On the contrary, if those intense energy bursts occur at the wrong time or place, your dogs can be in potential danger.

    Having said that, continuous zoomies in a long period of time may be a sign of a larger behavioral problem. Therefore, it’s a good practice to keep tabs on how often your dog is zooming and for what reasons. 

    How To Deal With Puppy Zoomies?

    Puppy Zoomies BitingControl the environment in which the zoomies hit

    Occasional zoomies are a natural part of behavior in dogs. Therefore, they’re not something you should give much thought about preventing or discouraging. Instead of trying to control your puppy zoomies biting, it’s advisable to control the environment in which your pets zoom. 

    For example, you’d better cover up any sharp edge of your furniture, avoid letting your puppies playing on hardwoods or slick and slippery surfaces. While it might seem so much fun to see your little friends slipping and skidding on floors, it can be very dangerous for them as your dogs could slip and injure themselves. To avoid such situations, a carpet is a good choice for families with pets and kids to play around with. 

    At the same time, you should consider building a fence around your garden. This will help prevent any zoomies dog from running across the street and decrease the chance of fatal accidents. 

    For many dogs of all ages, bath time brings out the zoomies. If you know your dog zoomies after bathing, do not physically handle him. Instead, make sure to immediately take him out of the bath (either by carrying with your hands or using a leash) to an open space such as a room or yard. Then, he can safely zoom.

    Chase after a dog with the zoomies?

    Puppy Zoomies Biting

    On the one hand, sometimes the zoomies will hit your dog not just at an inconvenient moment, but in a place and time that’s totally dangerous, like an off-leash zoomies dog at a park without a pence. In such a situation, all you need to do is to catch your dog as quickly as possible. 

    On the other hand, it’s also a win-win bet that you should not chase after a zoomies dog. Although it might seem quite counterintuitive, letting him be for a while can be beneficial. This is because if you chase your frapping dog, he is likely to misinterpret your effort as you playing with him. Thus, he could continue running and running. What a dangerous and physically demanding process, isn’t it? 

    So, what are you going to do in this case? Simply make him run away towards a direction that is free of roads or other potential risks. Next, encourage him to follow our steps with a soft and happy voice. It’s a good practice to get yourself prepared for this moment and make sure to have some high-value treats like foods and/or toys for your pets on you at all times. 

    Training from a young age

    On a related note, puppies need some certain sorts of training to have a great start in life. So, it’s better to teach them lessons from a young age, for instance, your “come here”  instruction is always a fun idea. To do this, you have to regularly practice the command with your pets in a far distance or in a safely fenced yard/garden/park. To encourage them, use treats, praise, and other positive techniques to teach your dog to reliably come. 

    Another thing to remember is that you should never punish or yell at your dog. These actions just get him more stressed and decrease his energy level and how excited he is about the situation. Instead, set up proper training situations in which he can perform successfully next time. You could consider decreasing distractions, the distance, or even adding a leash or long line, and/or using a higher value treat as a reward.

    Most dogs are likely to have the zoomies when they are already in an excited and playful state. To curb such situations, you need to prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to calm a puppy or an older dog. At the same time, the training your pets receive all the time will become in handy

    Make sure your dogs are getting exercises in moderation

    puppy zoomies biting

    Of course, forcing your little friends to do demanding exercise or letting your dogs lay down all day long won’t bring any benefit to them. In fact, zoomies tend to strike more pooches that don’t get adequate exercise. 

    If they’re still growing, you need to outline a proper exercise requirement depending on their ages and breeds. A quick note for you is that even two dogs of the same ages or breed are likely to have different needs.

    Not only physical activities, but dogs also need mental training to stay healthy and get rid of the zoomies’ behavior. Mental exercise could be a bit tiring and time-consuming. You can consider some gameplay such as which hands, shell game to occupy your dog and exercise his brain. Just remember that once you have taken the edge off with both types, give your dog 10 to 15 minutes to calm down.             

    Perseverance and determination are the keys

    There are no pooches of the same level. Some dogs are cleverer and faster to learn a new command than others. Some may be slower in acquiring a new rule, but more affectionate to their human owners, etc.

    As a matter of fact, it takes a longer time to train a grown-up dog than that of a puppy. This is because an adult one already displays all the ingrained behaviors, while a puppy is like a sheet of white paper, and he is ready to be molded to show whatever behavior you desire. 

    For example, if you adopted a dog that has learned that it’s fine to bite during his zoomies behaviors, then you might need to work hard to direct him towards the right way. In some cases, you may even need help from an experienced behavioral specialist or a dog trainer. 

    However, it’s never too late if you have a mature dog that bites during a zoomie. The point is that you must always keep your perseverance and determination during the whole process. Follow the recommendations listed out in this article, stay right behind, and go through with your furry friends every time they’ve got hit by the zoomies and started biting. Don’t skip, even one day when things start working. Just keep your spirits.

    Watch: Why Your Dog Gets The Zoomies? 

    The Final Notes

    Now that you’ve grasped a brief overview of puppy zoomies biting and ways to better manage this distinctive animal behavior. Hope that with our comprehensive guide, you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your beloved puppies. 

    And if you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to throw your words in the comment section below. We’ll surely provide you with a feasible explanation. 

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