Holiday shopping for your loved ones is no easy feat, especially if your friend or a family member suffers from a memory loss like Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, Hyperfavor is here to pack you with the top 10 best Alzheimer’s patient gift ideas in 2021 that can make your search stress-free this holiday season.

    Worldwide, more than 50 million people are being diagnosed with and suffering from Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

    However, there are no specific cures to this condition and it’s more challenging for patients as they age. This makes it an important task for both individuals and organizations to raise public awareness about the disease.

    Take your time as we’ve rounded up creative presents for people at all levels of the disease, from a meaningful item of clothing to fun and engaging games. These gift ideas can truly facilitate the treatment plan by comforting anxiety, soothing agitation, and also giving the patients a sense of accomplishment. 

    If you're looking for a little inspiration when shopping for your loved one with Alzheimer’s, it’s time to take a look at the following Alzheimer patient gifts.

    10 unique Alzheimer's gifts for patients

    Alzheimer Awareness Shirts

    One approachable and practical way to show your support is to join the “go purple” movement. For instance, wearing even the most simple purple Alzheimer’s awareness product or giving it as thoughtful gifts for Alzheimer’s patients can help spread the inspiring words.

    Understanding that in mind, Hyperfavor doubles your chance of contribution with various stylish Alzheimer’s awareness t-shirts - with inspiring quotes and stunning graphic designs. No matter what shirt ideas you choose, you can deliver your immense love and thoughtful message to the survivors and their caregivers. 

    For example, if you are fond of the typographical pattern, the I Wear Purple For Someone I Love tee is exactly what you’re looking for. With the image of a butterfly and the Alzheimer’s awareness ribbon, along with an inspiring quote, the T-shirt will certainly move every heart. 

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas

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    For those who fancy Alzheimer’s awareness clothing that is more symbolic, how about an item with an eye-catching graphics design? This Alzheimer’s Butterflies Dreamcatcher tee is among the go-to options that are surely worth a look.

    The design not only includes the image of a dreamcatcher and butterfly, but also the heartfelt message on the back. The purple shade and the image of an Alzheimer’s awareness ribbon will show your supportive vibes to patients.

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas

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    Most importantly, you can put these shirts on with pride to celebrate Alzheimer’s awareness month 2021 in November. These shirts show both your determination to change people’s perspectives on Alzheimer’s and the empathy you have for the patients.

    With minimum efforts, you’re about to make significant changes to the Alzheimer’s community and the world in general. By wearing these Alzheimer’s awareness items, you’re encouraging understanding everywhere you go. The more people learn about Alzheimer’s, the better they can prepare to prevent it.

    Looking for more stunning yet motivational apparel as meaningful Alzheimer's patient gift ideas? Take a browse over our collection here.

    Custom Pet Canvas Print

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas

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    Some of our best memories come with our little furry friends. So, how about Alzheimer’s gift ideas for patients that have images of their playful pets? Whether they are a current or past pet parent, a custom pet portrait will definitely touch their hearts and keep them surrounded by puppy love 24/7.

    Gift your important one with the most gorgeous customized, gallery-quality pet art for a surprisingly reasonable cost at Hyperfavor. Each of our pet canvas prints comes with a touching message to spread positivity and show your care to them.

    Other than that, it may remind them of great memories, which facilitates the treatment process. 

    All you need to do is to choose your favorite template from our broad collection, submit a few photos of the cat or dog in question, and the name of the pet as well. And finally, soon after you receive your work of art, wrap the present or simply hang the picture in their favorite spot.

    A meaningful custom mug

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas

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    Who doesn't fall in love with a mug that adds a bit of signature personality? Yes, you can help diagnosed people start off every day right and energetically with a cup of pure joy! Hyperfavor’s custom mugs are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the daily item and make great gift ideas for Alzheimer’s patients

    For Alzheimer’s patients, every day is a whole brand new experience, they might forget things quickly and can not recall memories. That’s when your one-of-a-kind gift idea comes in and saves the day. It can help to bring back old memories and smooth the way for treatment. 

    You will get a smile from your loved Alzheimer’s patients once they receive your present. With their favorite photo or their name on the mug, you’re showing how much you love and care for them.

    Also, every time they enjoy a warm beverage, they know for sure that no matter how cruel the condition is, you’re always by their side. 

    Custom Fleece Blanket

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas

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    A fleece blanket provides a soothing and stimulating activity for people living with Alzheimer’s or those recovering from strokes. What’s special about the item is that you can get your blanket personalized by using family photos and holiday moments. This helps trigger happy and unforgettable memories for those with memory loss symptoms. 

    Our custom fleece blanket is made with care, using premium fabric with one printed side and wool fleece on the other. Compared to other regular cotton blankets, this one surely brings patients a more breathable and lightweight feeling. It will keep their body warm while maintaining soft and gentle to the touch, thanks to the great quality and superior softness.

    Also, the size of this blanket ranges from S (120x90cm) to L (200x150cm), which is suitable for use basically anywhere they wish! From the couch to the bed, on a chair, in the car; stay warm and comfy at all times. 

    Stage-appropriate Jigsaws Puzzles

    Alzheimer's patient gift ideas Click here for more creative designs

    Puzzles and puzzle-like games make practical gifts for dementia patients and early, middle, and late-stage Alzheimer's. According to healthcare professionals, this gameplay provides patients with mental stimulation to support their brain function. 

    Since Alzheimer’s disease weakens brain performance, your loved-ones need cognitive stimulation to help keep the brain active and engaged. That's why puzzles for the elderly with Alzheimer’s comes in and saves the day. By providing comfort to potentially ease some of the severe symptoms, the gameplay are a wonderful distraction that can be done alone or as a group activity. 

    An important note is that you should consider the stage of the disease to choose the most suitable one for the patients.

    For instance, people in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s or any form of memory loss may benefit from a 36-piece puzzle or a 60-piece one. While a simple wooden puzzle is more suitable for those in more advanced stages or patients with limited hand coordination. 

    Essential Oils

    gifts for dementia patients

    Another option among many useful Alzheimer's gifts that you can get at a reasonable price! 

    Essential oils have been used for generations to ease symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Healthcare givers are now opting for these oils to reduce anxiety, boost brain function and improve the mood of Alzheimer’s patients.

    Furthermore, these trusted essences can also help to improve sleep and uplift the overall quality of life for those living with the disease. Some Alzheimer’s - friendly oils such as:

    • Lavender: to calm and balance strong emotions, useful to deal with depression. Sometimes, it is used to reduce anger and irritability. Lavender oil can be either directly inhaled or used as a massage oil.
    • Peppermint: to stimulate the mind, calm nerves, heighten concentration and memory,  best used in the morning.
    • Rosemary: to stimulate cognitive performance and mood. It has also been known to increase the appetite and ease some symptoms of depression as well. 
    • Bergamot: to relieve agitation, anxiety, stress, and mild depression. This mood-elevating oil can also be a useful essence to relieve insomnia. 
    • Ylang Ylang: to promote good sleep patterns while easing depression. This is an effective oil not only for a person having Alzheimer’s, but also a great gift for Alzheimer's caregivers who are struggling with restlessness and lack of sleep. 

    Lifesaving Location Devices

    Alzheimer’s disease gradually erases a person’s memory. The familiar surroundings become strange and unfamiliar to patients, making it extremely difficult for them to adapt to new environments.

    That’s why patients in late-stage Alzheimer’s are prone to wandering. Chances are they may become frightened, lost, or walk into a dangerous area. So, what to buy someone with memory loss in such a situation? 

    Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are now new resolutions to keep the patient safe and secure while providing you considerable peace of mind. One way to end wandering in Alzheimer’s people is to use a lifesaving location device. With GPS tracking, these devices allow the patient to be found quickly. 

    Smart Calendar

    This is surely another cutting-edge gadget among the best Alzheimer’s patient gift ideas that can significantly improve the life quality of patients. 

    Alzheimer's Patient Gift Ideas

    It can be incredibly frustrating and difficult for people living with Alzheimer’s to keep track of important dates and appointments. That’s why a smart calendar is of much help. The device will keep all of their important information and reminding notes in one place, thus making their daily life a little easier. Usually, this gadget is incredibly user-friendly, with a touch screen display and a connected app.

    For example, you can add family birthdays, grand anniversaries, and important events, or simply keep chore lists and meal planners on it. In other words, a smart calendar will help patients keep track of their daily duties just in case they’re unable to do so.

    DIY Memory Book

    alzheimer's patient gift ideas

    When it comes to reminiscing, what could be better than helping your dedicated mom or dad, grandpa or grandma, or even your spouse who has Alzheimer’s remember some of those good-old-times. To do this, you can track down old pictures and create a DIY memory book or scrapbook of your own. 

    Another way, take walks down memory lane and record those conversations. Not only will you create something that you can cherish with your important one over and over again, but you‘re also creating a legacy that will be a part of your family for generations to come. 

    Indoor Plants

    alzheimer's patient gift ideas

    Getting your loved one with memory loss an indoor plant will not only liven up their living space but may also help promote their health. Studies have found proof that plants can reduce stress, improve mood, aid in recovery from illness, sharpen attention, and even boost productivity.

    For instance, you can get a Snake Plant (also known as sansevieria) planted in a minimalist white pot as a perfect green gift for someone who has trouble with their memory, as it is incredibly easy to care for.

    Must-known tips for the best Alzheimer’s patient gift ideas

    When shopping for your loved ones, remember to look for:

    • Gift items that are stage-appropriate (again). Don’t buy a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle for someone in the moderate-to-severe stage. Not only are they unable to solve the puzzle, but also the gift can trigger irritation in them.
    • Things related to old interest, hobbies, or even their career. For instance, a pet person might enjoy a custom pet portrait or a memory book filled with fun photographs of dogs or cats.
    • Items and activities that promote creative expression, sense of purpose, and use of stage-appropriate cognitive abilities.
    • Items that help the patient maintain a sense of independence.

    Choose one or two gifts that you think will be a hit. Too many packages seem overwhelming and may lead to agitation rather than enjoyment.  As for Alzheimer’s patients, it’s also a good idea to avoid opening gifts with the presence of many people.

    Instead, set aside special quiet time with your loved one and exchange presents with no more than two or three people at once.

    Finally, keep your expectations reasonable. If the patient isn’t interested in the gift, set it aside and try again later. The key to enjoying gift-giving is flexibility.

    Well, that’s a wrap for our favorite gift ideas for Alzheimer’s patient 2021. Hope with this comprehensive guide, you can cheer your loved ones up and encourage them to keep fighting no matter how hard the journey is!

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