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    There is one thing you should know if you are a chocolate lover who also owns a pet. Chocolate is fatally poisonous to your cherished pet. However, with the popularity of white chocolate in candy and desserts, some may wonder if white chocolate poisonous to dogs. This post is for you if you know nothing about dogs or white chocolate. Reading and finding the answer to the question of can a dog eat white chocolate? 

    Why does chocolate kill dogs? 

    Does chocolate kill dogs?

    Chocolate carries both caffeine and the chemical theobromine, which is extremely harmful to dogs. These compounds have negative health consequences for dogs, such as raising heart rates and disrupting the nervous system. Because dogs are unable to digest theobromine and caffeine in the same way that humans do, they are more susceptible to the detrimental effects of chemicals.

    Can A Dog Eat White Chocolate

    Excessive chocolate consumption in your dog might result in serious sickness or even death. Keep your four-legged pal at home and under watch if he just eats a small amount of chocolate. The following are some of the most common indicators of poisoning: 

    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Restlessness and rapid breathing
    • Increased urination and heart rate
    • Increased body temperature
    • Lower blood pressure 
    • Tremors\seizures

    The signs can last between 4 and 24 hours. In the event of the occurrence of more serious symptoms like unconsciousness, take your dog to see the vet or vet hospital right away. Get your dog checked to make sure he's safe. 

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    How much chocolate can kill a dog?

    How much chocolate will kill a dog depends on the type of chocolate it eats. According to VCA Animal Hospital, dark and bitter chocolate is more dangerous for dogs when compared to other types.

    Each variety of chocolate has a different level of danger:

    • Baking chocolate: Because this type of chocolate is made entirely of cocoa, just one ounce is enough to put your dog's health in danger. 
    • Dark chocolate: Use a scale of 1.5 ounces for 10 pounds of dog's body weight to determine the safe amount of dark chocolate to consume. A 20-pound dog, for example, can eat 3 ounces of chocolate without getting sick. It's potentially toxic if it eats more than this amount
    • Milk chocolate: Due to the lower level of theobromine in milk chocolate, it is less harmful than the other types. The ratio of 2.5 ounces per 10-pound dog is used to calculate a poisonous amount. 
    • White chocolate: As white chocolate has no cocoa, it is safe for dogs to ingest in tiny amounts. However, due to the high added sugar, dogs are still greatly influenced

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    Can a dog eat white chocolate?

    Is white chocolate bad for dogs? 

    Though white chocolate has less theobromine and caffeine, it is probably unsafe for dogs to eat. White chocolate comprises 0.25mg of theobromine per ounce of chocolate, which makes it safer to consume. Excessive white chocolate digestion, on the other hand, can make your dog physically ill. The amount of safe white chocolate to get depends on each dog's health situation.

    What happens if your dog eats white chocolate

    Even though a high amount of white chocolate will not kill your dog, it can produce long-term adverse effects and health concerns. We'll assess the harmful level based on theobromine taken in to assist you to comprehend it better.

    can a dog eat white chocolate
    • Over 50 mg of theobromine consumption: 

    Dogs may have cardiac problems such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and tachycardia.

    • Over 60 mg of theobromine consumption: 

    Dogs develop neurological problems such as tremors, jerking, and seizures.

    • Over 200 mg of theobromine consumption: 

    Fatal poisoning can occur as a result of excessive theobromine digestion.

    White chocolate's other ingredients, such as its high sugar and fat level, might cause major problems for your cute furry friend. Indeed, many veterinarians believe that the fat and sugar in white chocolate represent the most dangerous factors to our pets. As a result, white chocolate consumption in dogs can cause illnesses such as digestive problems, as well as more serious diseases such as pancreatic, a possibly fatal irritation of the pancreas.

    For these reasons, consuming white chocolate is a cause of concern for dog owners. Even a modest amount of theobromine might induce heart problems in dogs who already have health problems, such as diabetics. 

    What to do when your dog eats white chocolate? 

    • Contact the veterinarian

    To get aid and advice, contact your veterinarian straight now. A veterinarian can assist you in determining the amount of toxic chocolate consumed and offer appropriate treatments. In some circumstances, your dog may require immediate attention from an in-person veterinarian. The sooner you start treating your dog, the better his health will be

    Contact the veterinarian

    In other circumstances, the veterinarian may urge you to keep a close check on them and track their symptoms. Chocolate poisoning symptoms can take several hours to appear but can linger for days due to theobromine's extended half-life. In any case, having a professional's perspective on how to manage the problem is a good idea.

    • Using activated charcoal as a treatment 

    To prevent theobromine from being absorbed into the body of dogs, activated charcoal is highly recommended. Activated charcoal is usually given in doses of 1 to 4 grams corresponding to 1 kilogram of weight, according to certain animal experts. The powder can be acquired from a health food store or even online. Naturally, you should do it under the guidance of a veterinarian.

    • Induce vomiting 

    It is possible to make your dog vomit if the chocolate was consumed lately and in a dangerous dose. Again, you should seek advice from a veterinarian before attempting this at home. 

    Induce vomiting

    Theobromine resorption and recirculation are reduced when you vomit. Keep in mind that you have less and less time. To alleviate your dog's additional symptoms from suspected poisoning, you should eliminate the theobromine from their body as quickly as feasible. 

    • Supportive treatment

    Supportive therapies may be required in some severe situations to keep your pet safe and stable until the poison has worn off. Fluid treatment can aid in the lessening of theobromine levels in the bloodstream and promoting elimination. Seizures and muscle tremors may be controlled via using it. Medications can help with high heart rate, restlessness, and other symptoms in the meantime.

    Wrap up

    White chocolate is not good food for dogs and should be avoided because of the high risks of obesity and health problems. Your dog's health is jeopardized if he consumes an excessive amount of white chocolate. Take precautions with your dog and keep white chocolate and other products containing it out of reach. Choose dog-friendly chocolate treats if your dog is a big fan of white chocolate. They have the appearance and scent of chocolate, but theobromine, a poisonous component, is not included in the ingredients.

    We hope that via our article you can find a reasonable explanation for the question can a dog eat white chocolate. Follow us for more helpful information about tips to take care of your dog better. If you love to show your affection and care for your dog, we would recommend a collection of cool dog Hawaiian shirts and dog hoodies and sweatshirts. They are suitable for most casual events and make a great uniform for the dog lovers club. 

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