If you’re a dog lover, then you’d definitely know someone who’s well-suited for the title of ‘dog mom’. Maybe it’s your friend, or maybe it’s actually you who could never resist the cuteness of your dog.

Thus, having a dog mom shirt to show your unconditional love for your fur baby is just perfect in every way.

dog mom shirt

At Hyperfavor, we understand how much you want to convey affection for your dog. Therefore, we worked our best to turn that devotion and pride into lovely dog mom apparel.

But first, let’s look at some ways to tell if you’re truly a dog mom:

What Is A “Dog Mom”?

‘Dog mom’ is a loving term to indicate a female dog lover, who regards her canine companions as her ‘fur babies’. These are people who don’t think they are living with a dog, but a member of their biological family. 

dog mom shirt

Different dog owners will have different kinds of human-canine bond. Some may never think of their dogs as their children. But dog moms are different – they are wholeheartedly willing to treat them as such.

Signs That You Could Be A Dog Mom

How can you know if you are truly a dog mom or not? Well, there are a few signs to tell:

  • You genuinely love your dog in a parental way: The love, care, and bond you have with your dog is as much as what you’d give to a human infant. What’s more, you might already consider your parents as your dog’s ‘grandparents’!
  • You don’t regard your dog as a ‘pet’ but a ‘fur baby’ instead
  • You dress your dog better than you dress yourself
  • You feed your dog the best food, sometimes even more expensive than yours
  • You celebrate your dog’s birthday with a big party
  • Your camera is always full because of the excessive amount of pictures you take of your pup
  • Your car tells stranger on the street that you proudly own a dog
  • You have one or many dog-related clothing items, such as a dog mom shirt

If you’ve already developed some of these traits, then you’ve certainly achieved the title of a dog mom!

Show You Love And Humor With Funny Dog Mom Shirts

Now that you know you’re undoubtedly a dog mom, let’s check out what Hyperfavor has to offer for you! Here are our recommendations of the 10 best dog mom apparel you can get:

Summer Dog Mom Tee Shirts:

What’s better than wearing a soft, breezy T-shirt to show the love for your fur baby in the summer? Choose a tee that speaks to you from our best-selling dog mom T-shirts collection:

1. Custom Dog Mom T-shirt With Floral Portrait

With this custom dog mom T-shirt, you can make it one of a kind by sending us a picture of your beloved pup.

The photo will be beautifully printed in the middle of an elegant flower frame, with the Dog Mom label underneath.

Look pretty while showing off your adorable dog to others without having to pull out your phone.

dog mom shirt

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This shirt will make you look the best walking your fur baby around the neighborhood.

Even better, you may get to know other dog lovers as well. They will recognize a fellow dog mom by looking at this tee!

2. Dog Paw Ladies T-shirt

Show the strong spirit of a dog owner with this dog paw tee. With a paw raised together with a person’s fist, this top is perfect for any dog lovers, especially dog moms, to make their statement.

It’s a way of telling others that your support for having a dog is strong, and you’re proud of it. The vibrant design will surely impress every passerby.

dog mom shirt

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3.  I’m A Simple Woman Classic T-shirt

This is the dog mom T-shirt for the lady who is fully aware of their most important necessities in life: tea, dog and toilet paper. This hilarious shirt can bring out a chuckle from anyone. We know dog moms would never say no to more positivity, so we made this just for you.

dog mom shirt

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The shirt comes in many lovely colors for you to choose from. The classic tee style will look good on any body type.

4.  “Some Dog Mom Cuss Too Much” Women V-neck T-shirt

Here we have another dog mama shirt with some humor. This is the tee for dog owners who are a little foul mouthed but still have a loving heart.

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Understanding how protective you can be to your baby, the tee will tell it to others without you having to say anything.

The quote “Some dog mom cuss too much. It’s me. I’m some dog mom.” brings a comical feel and will get you entertained all day.

5.  Born To Be A Dog Mom T-shirt

With Covid-19 making 2020 a year no one wants to remember, let’s try to think positively that you get to spend more time with your dog. A perfect excuse to love having to work from home!

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After being able to return to normal life, you’ll definitely miss those peaceful times with your fur baby. You feel like you’d prefer being a stay-at-home dog mom rather than having to go to work.

This Born To Be A Dog Mom T-shirt will perfectly explain your feelings. It’s so hard having to say goodbye to your dog every morning now!

Cozy Dog Mom Hoodies And Sweatshirts:

For colder seasons, we also have dog mom shirts to fit your needs! Check out some of our cozy apparel that will keep you warm and stylish through the cold:

6.  Dog Mom Life Hoodie

This sentimental dog mom hoodie will speak to the hearts of all dog lovers out there. Do you ever just look at your dog and wonder how you never got tired of them?

Even if they make a mess out of the room, or chew on your favorite shoes, you just can’t help loving them.

dog mom shirt

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Whenever you look at this hoodie, you’ll always be reminded about how important your dog is to you. They may be naughty sometimes, but they’ll forever love you with all their heart.

You don’t need to know exactly why you fall in love with them more and more every day. It’s because that affection is completely natural.

7.  My House My Dog My Rule Custom Dog Mom Sweatshirt

How about a dog mom shirt that shows everyone who’s the boss of the household?

This sweatshirt is customizable as well. This means that your dog’s face can be printed on the fabric, making this a unique item just for you.

dog mom shirt

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This funny shirt for dog mom will let you tell everyone that you’re a strong, independent lady who can handle anything. You’re the one who makes the rules, and you have all the rights to be proud of that.

8. “Dogs Make Me Happy” Long Sleeve Shirt

Sometimes people can stress you out, but a dog by your side will definitely brighten up the day again. If you can relate to this, then we have just the shirt for you!

dog mom shirt

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Having the “Dogs make me happy – Humans make my head hurt” shirt is a funny way to express your love for dogs.

This cute mother of dogs shirt will remind you that your dog will always be there to cheer you up whenever you need. There are many cute colors and sizes for you to choose from as well.

9.  “Rockin’ The Dog Mom Life” Hoodie

This cute and comfortable dog mom hoodie speaks to all proud dog moms out there. We understand how much you’re enjoying every moment of being a dog parent, thus this design is made for you.

dog mom shirt

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The hoodie comes with the colorful image of a happy golden retriever dog. Every time you look at this item, you’ll remember how happy you are of your current life with your dog.

You’ve overcome all the struggle and successfully raised your fur baby into a good boy/good girl. Be more proud of yourself, you’re rocking it!

10.  “I’m The Reason Santa Has A Naughty List” Custom Shirt

Finally, we have another customizable dog mom shirt for you to add your own signature touch. With the holiday seasons coming close, this would be a great gift for yourself or any dog mom you know!

This funny T-shirt of your dog holding a “bad dog” sign will surely help you laugh away your worries.

dog mom shirt

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If you have a dog who’s a little rowdy and too playful at times, you’d very much relate to this quote. Dogs are such an energetic creature, and they may cause unwanted situations for you with their mischief.

But this wouldn’t stop you from loving them, right? Even when they misbehave, you know they’re good boys/good girls at heart.  

You can get all the items above from us at Hyperfavor. We’d be glad if these recommendations can assist you in finding the perfect dog mom shirt, not just for you but for any dog parent you know, too. Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries or if you want to make any requests. We’re always happy to help!

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