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    4 Awesome Teacher Outfits Ideas To Build New Wardrobe

    It’s the time of the year when we are ready to go back to school. If you are a teacher and looking for ideas for the first day of school teacher outfit, or you have been tired of the same old formal suits, then you have come to the right blog. With all our love and respect for dedicated teachers, we will help you decide what to wear as a teacher and recommend for you some cute teacher outfits to change regularly.

    What kinds of school teacher outfits we’re going to talk about

    We all know that, as a teacher, we can’t wear whatever we want. What the teacher wears also affects young children and could be judged by their parents as teachers have to be role models for their students to follow. However, an over-complicated suit and tie back to school outfits might make your students feel like you are hard to talk to. Therefore, what we suggest is something between formal and casual teacher outfits. Let’s get into detail our criteria of what to wear as a teacher:


    As mentioned above, we are teachers, not students, thus our outfits for teaching have to be professional. Although back to school outfits don’t necessarily need to be full-on corporate formal, teacher outfits still can not be too exposing or too bold. If your outfits for teaching have graphics or typos, they need to be under control, avoid anything that is bad for the perception of small kids like curse words or violent encouraging drawing.


    Comfort might be an overlooked criterion, but trust us, teacher outfits also need to be comfortable. Think about it! Teachers not only have to rush through from this hall to another hall, or even cross different buildings between classes, but also move a lot in classes as sometimes they even have to raise their hand up or bow down to reach the top and bottom areas of the board. Moreover, comfortable school teacher outfits help them to stay fresh and clean for an entire day. This is quite important since teachers regularly have close contact with their students and colleagues, so you would not want to be too sweaty and keep you in a good mood. Make sure that you don’t let some itchy and tight teacher outfits ruin your productive days and also place a negative impact on people around you.


    Some may disagree with us on this criteria as designer fashion is normally labeled as something bold and different, but we believe that you can still be stylish wearing casual teacher outfits. One of the influences of the pandemic is that it makes recent fashion trends become more and more simplistic and old-school. Hence, it won’t be too hard to dress as nicely as a fashionista.


    Well, there aren’t many things to talk about this one cause it’s so true. The budget for what the teacher wears is often strictly under control. Plus, it isn’t a wise decision to show off as a teacher. Therefore, we are gonna look for the first day of school outfits that are friendly and healthy for your wallet.

    Of course, some criteria might not be fulfilled if your school dress code is too strict. You should research all policies first. For example, Selected Districts’ Teacher Dress Policies from AASA.

    How to build a wardrobe of simple yet stylish outfits for teachers

    If you are going to rebuild your wardrobe circling cute teacher outfits, these following items are the most basic and can be easily mixed with each other:


    A simple t-shirt could cheer your day up. T-shirts are cool and can easily cope with other items. If you want to wear them plain, try white, black, and grey. It could be a little bit harder to choose with graphic tees. You can find plenty of the first day of school teacher t-shirts at Teacher T-Shirts. Hyperfavor has a wide range of awesome tees with elegant graphics. Both long-sleeves and short-sleeves are available, you can also choose among classic, v-neck, or women t-shirts.

    Hoodie and sweatshirt

    Hoodies are soft, cozy and comfortable, and they go well with other teacher outfits too. It’s already late August, so buying some hoodies as the first day of school outfits and preparing for the Autumn and Winter season is a really good idea. When the weather gets colder in the Winter, sweatshirts are a good alternative. Hyperfavor also got you covered with our beautiful Teacher Hoodies & Sweatshirts 2021 collection. If you scare of wearing hoodies to school as they could make you look sloppy, read A Brief Guide To Hoodie Outfits: From Basics To Advances for more information.

    You can buy this awesome teacher hoodie here

    Polo shirt

    Polo shirts are a more formal option compared to t-shirts and hoodies, yet they’re still cool, comfortable and versatile. What is more, their necks absorb sweat letting you stay cool and fresh. Check out our Teacher Polo Shirts category.

    Hawaiian shirt

    This is a good option for a school teacher outfit that is loose and thin for extra softness and comfort. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt also gives the impression of someone who is friendly and open. We have plenty of wonderful 3D all over print teacher Hawaiian shirts for you to choose from.

    Third piece layer

    Even when the weather isn’t cold, there is a high chance that ACs will be turned on in every classroom, you need a third piece layer to handle coldness. Plus, wearing a third-piece layer and doesn’t zip it up also adds extra coolness to your appearance. There are many good top layer options, such as denim jackets, blazers, zip hoodies, overcoats or trench coats.


    Skirts are a good alternative for shorts if you want something comfortable and give freedom in the movement since shorts are a terrible choice of outfits for teaching. Skirts can be worn in plain colors and cope with simple blouses or t-shirts.


    Some schools with strict dress codes might not like their teachers to wear jeans, but if you are allowed to wear them, jeans are the best bottom piece. They are comfortable, neat and versatile as you can wear jeans on almost every occasion regarding the teaching environment.

    Simple dress

    Dresses are a great choice in spring and fall. You can layer them with no sweat with a third piece layer.

    Chino pant

    Chinos are considered less casual as compared to jeans. Fill your wardrobe with one or two of these. You would be surprised how often you want to wear a pair of chinos.


    Sneakers have a sporty and young look. They would go well with dynamic, flexible and casual teacher outfits like t-shirts, hoodies and jeans. You can alter sneakers with other comfortable shoes like sandals. Remember, don’t wear something that is completely flat and uncushioned, or else, at the end of the day, you would regret having a sore pair of feet.

    Chelsea boot

    A pair of Chelsea boots are the most affordable yet high fashion option we could think of. Chelsea boots don’t look like anything mundane. Surely, everyone would have to look twice at your boots.

    High-heeled boot

    High-heels give you extra height and a fancy appearance. It could be rare in other places but high-heels are pretty common to wear.

    Hat and cap

    Hats and caps are the accessories that don’t too show off yet they look neat and stylish.

    You can buy this awesome ponytail cap for teachers here or take a look at our Classic Caps collection for more ideas.

    Here is a video for more information about work outfits for teachers:

    Back to school teacher outfits ideas

    Here are some awesome school teacher outfit combinations in wide variants for you to choose from:

    T-shirt, chinos and jacket

    This is a standard combo for male teachers. In this image, we choose matching black tees and chinos, layered with a brown bomber jacket. You can replace the t-shirt with a hoodie or sweater, but don’t choose too thick, combining with a pair of jeans. This set of outfits for teachers also goes well with a leather jacket, denim jacket and blazer.

    Dress shirt, jeans and leather boots

    A little bit more formally dressed up school teacher outfits for men. This set highlights manliness and gives extra flexibility. Dress shirts should be in plain or simple texture. If you want shirts with graphics and personality, Hawaiian shirts are more suitable. Here we choose jeans that are quite grungy but you can take the ones that are simpler and more appropriate. Leather boots are the symbol of manliness, Chelsea boots are another good option.

    Sleeveless shirt, long skirt and sneaker shoe

    Fashion changes every day and this combo is one quite wonderful result that we really love. Sleeveless shirts and long skirts bring out the girly and gentle characteristics of feminine women teachers. If you don’t want to be too exposing, just take a sleeved shirt, and vice versa, you can replace the long skirt with a short skirt to look more attractive.

    Sweatshirt, chinos and blazer

    A minor down tone from formal suit and tie teacher outfits. You can choose a dress shirt as an inner layer but we don’t want to take it too seriously, thus a sweatshirt is the best we could think of. Chinos could be replaced with jeans or office lady short shirts depending on whether you want a down tone or up tone.

    How to dress neatly with teaching uniform

    Some schools or personal teaching centers have their own teaching uniform even for their teachers. It could be just the top piece or both top and bottom. Our only advice is to bring your uniforms to local tailors so they can modify your school teacher outfit fitter. You can also order custom-made with more comfortable fabric with the same color and pattern as your uniform and stick the logo on.

    Hope you could have a great first day of school teacher outfit for yourself. If you like our blogs, you might want to check out more Hyperfavor Fashion Blog.

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