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    A Brief Guide To Hoodie Outfits: From Basics To Advances

    Hoodies these days can be worn by everyone on every occasion, mixed with all kinds of items. Although this phenomenon states the popularity of hoodies, it is again the fundamental rules of fashion to cope a piece of clothing with anything. Hyperfavor will look into the core of hoodies from their origin and style to find out how a hoodie should fit and what to wear with a hoodie.

    The story of hoodies

    The concept of attaching a hood on a piece of apparel has been around since the 12th century in England. The very first hooded pullover is claimed to belong to Champion Products since the 1930s. Some define a hoodie as only a sweatshirt with attached hood, not with any zipper or button. But in fact, in the early 1930s, Champion already noticed the popularity of men’s sweatshirts, and added hoods and zip-up fastening. The original hoodie also had a pouch on the belly area, aiming at workers in Manhattan during cold weather and conditions.

    Since then, suddenly, the sweatshirts which were usually worn by jocks and nerds had a completely new image of youth and rebellion just by adding a simple hood. Hoodies have been ignored for quite some time, until the 1970s. It was the period when hip hop culture in New York City adopted hoodie as the signature apparel for rap and R&B artists. Around the same time, Santa Monica juveniles popularize hoodies in some young, dynamic and rebellious communities like surfers and skaters.

    By the 1990s, hoodies evolved from their rebellious stereotypes as more and more sport athletes and famous designers joined the game. More hoodie styles have been introduced, and hoodies served more purpose thanks to their comfortable and premium features.
    Find out more with the Rolling Stone at The History of the Hoodie.

    Why are hoodies so popular?

    Hoodies have come a long way from the type of sweatshirt that has a redundant hood to a piece of clothing that everyone wants to wear. The first reason has to be its cloaking ability, as hoodies originated from men’s sweatshirts, thus they act like a sweater that keeps you warm. There are many variations that could enhance this ability, such as long-sleeves or numerous thick and warm fabric materials like wool, denim or leather. Some may even protect you from rain and snow to some extent, but don’t expect too much.

    Even though hoodies are commonly popularized, they still have the streetwear and stylish vibe. Casual style hoodies are so magical that they can be coped with all kinds of fashion, from grunge style to formal wear. They make informal clothing more neat, and formal clothing more casual.

    Next, let’s not ignore the fact that hoodies are loved because they are extremely comfortable. Most of the hoodies are made with soft material, the fabric gives the sense of comfort as they feel like a soft blanket.

    When to wear a hoodie?

    Despite the fact that hoodies are comfortable and can be worn on most occasions, please don’t do so. They always give out a vibe between formal and casual, thus you need to carefully consider whether it's really fine to have that type of appearance. Here are some notices and tips about when to wear a hoodie properly:

    If you need something to deal with the cold outside, especially the freezing wind, hoodies are definitely a no-brainer in this situation. If you worry your look may be a little bit sloppy, adding another layout like a long coat or jacket or perhaps more layouts is a perfect solution to support and cover your hoodie. After all, the warmth is never enough in the summer.

    Certain occasions which require a neat yet comfortable shirt like family meet-up, friends gathering or business meeting with close partners are more suitable for a hoodie than more or less serious events.

    Moreover, due to the comfort, hoodies are perfect for your relaxing moment. Nothing better than wearing a hoodie and just laying around or taking a walk in the park. Hoodies will be your best company in those moments you want to enjoy by yourself. Hoodies which are customized for yourself would be a wise choice. Visit Custom Hoodies & Sweatshirts to choose one that suits you the most.

    Common types of hoodies and how should a hoodie fit

    As mentioned above, hoodies have a wide range of variation for many different purposes. The number of categories for hoodies might vary depending on the assortment method. Basically, Hyperfavor sorts hoodies into these following categories:

    Pullover hoodie

    Pullover, or overhead, hoodies are the most popular, they usually are loose or oversized hoodie outfits. Pullovers can be either short sleeve or long sleeve, but they normally have drawstrings on the neck to adjust the hoods. Overhead hoodies are majorly made in soft and thick fabric, thus they look quite comfy, suitable for informal settings where you don’t want to overly dress up. Oversized hoodie outfits with one or two sizes larger are often used as sleep apparel. Overall, pullover hoodies are a go-to option in any situation where you don’t want to think too much about your outfits.

    Check out Hyperfavor Best Selling Hoodie category for the best pullovers.

    Slim fit hoodie

    Made popular by athletes, slim fit hoodie is the type of clothing made for sport and gymnastic. Slim fit hoodies are manufactured with fabrics that have more elastane, so they can tighten to your body at the base and their sleeves fit more comfortably. Slim fit hoodies give you more agility, elongate your body making you look taller and give out a streamline appearance. Hence, you should always wear true to size sim fit hoodies.

    Skater hoodie

    Despite the name, skate hoodies are quite popular as you can often see people wearing them outside of the skating slopes. Skate hoodies are designed sleeveless to reduce wind drag while skating. Sleeveless hoodies also give flexibility as they increase the freedom of movement. Due to these features, skate hoodies are liked by not only skaters, but also anyone who wants extra agility, especially gymers who have buff arms and want to show off their workout results. Skate hoodies are perfect for jogging, you just need to layer with a light jacket or over shirt.

    Zip up hoodie

    Zip up hoodies are loved by sportsmen as they can be taken off when you start your workout. You can use zip hoodies as an option like a jacket to add a layer to your outfits. Zip up hoodies can be designed with side and inside pockets just like any type of jacket .

    Half zip hoodie


    Basically, half zip hoodies are similar to pullovers, adding a zip line from neck to upper chest. Half zip hoodies normally tighten to your body, thus the zip is to give you more comfort.

    How to wear a hoodie?

    Hoodies can be fitted into many different fashion styles. Each piece of clothing on your body would give out a completely different vibe when adding a hoodie.
    A video about how to rock a hoodie:

    Hoodie and denim jacket

    What could be better than mixing grunginess with grunginess! Hoodies are excellent at complementing a denim jacket, giving out a laid back, chilled impression. This combo is perfect for a rock and roll attitude by pairing them with skinny jeans and sneakers or black leather Chelsea boots. You can wear a young and dynamic hoodie for this combination, such as The Whole Galaxy In My Skull All Over Print Hoodie.

    Hoodie and leather jacket

    This is an ideal couple for winter days as the combo is warm and has a swag appearance. Layer a leather jacket out of your pullover hoodie, or use a zip up hoodie and a leather jacket as second and third piece layers to a t-shirt. Choose your t-shirt and hoodie in dark color. Hoodie and jeans go together well in this situation as they complement each other and boost the look of your leather jacket. If you don’t want your outfit to be too dark core, try mixing up between black, grey and ash colors and match with your set of clothing, as well as choose a brown leather jacket.

    Bomber jacket over hoodie

    This is a new urban fit, as bomber jackets are also versatile apparel. You can make different styles from these two items. The combo of pullover hoodies and leather sleeve bomber jackets could be heavy sometimes, you can light them down by leaving the jacket zip open, or cope zip up hoodies with thin nylon bomber jackets. Finish your outfits with dark blue jeans and a pair of sneakers.

    You can also find out more about blue jeans at: What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans

    Hoodie with a blazer

    Blazers are categorized as workweek jackets, suitable for office environments, though fortunately, they can elevate casual outfits. This is perfect for the versatility of hoodies to shine. This combo works for men and women in all ages and all sizes, and are warm yet classy at the same time. The secret here is to choose the thinner type of hoodies and avoid unsightly bulk. You can wear them for general exercising and jogging.

    Over coat and trench coat

    Over coats and trench coats are great with hoodies but they can be too bulky, thus the minimalist look is important as this style makes you more appealing. This combo is warm and the coats elevate casual outfits excellently.

    With a pair of black leggings or printed leggings

    On days which are not too cold, you can pair hoodies with either black leggings or printed leggings for extra comfort. Girls usually have a couple pairs of black leggings, and they can cope with hoodies in any color. On the other hand, printed leggings allow you to mix and match more styles to show your personality.

    A simple jogger could be a good alternative as they are also comfortable and athletic.

    Matching pants or skirts with hoodie

    This combination is comfortable and cozy yet still giving out a neat look. For ladies, matching skirts offer a dressed up and famine appearance.

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