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    Do you currently have a pair of light blue jeans in your closet, and wish to put together a fashionable outfit with them? Which top would go well with this jeans color? Here are what to wear with light blue jeans for you to take inspiration from.

    It’s not wrong to say that a pair of jeans is a fashion lover’s best friend. The item is so versatile and suits any body type you can think of. In addition, jeans never seem to go out of style. They have never stopped playing a big part in our life ever since the 19th century.

    Though light blue jeans are introduced later in time, we can’t deny how much influence they’ve had in the fashion community. Light wash denims give out a more casual vibe than dark color items. Surprisingly, they’re also easier to mix and match.

    Before checking out a few ways to rock light jeans outfits, let’s look at some of our tips and notice when you decide to pick a pair of blue jeans.

    How To Wear Light Blue Jeans?

    How to choose the right style and material?

    Like any other pants, light blue jeans come in many different forms and styles. It’s up to you to decide which style is most suited to your body shape, and which material is more comfortable for you.

    Don’t be afraid that the light blue color will make your bottom half look bigger than the way a pair of white jeans does. The darker hue and sturdier material already save you the trouble of hiding your flaws. A pair of well-fitted, high-rise jeans helps you look good and feel good. On the other hand, avoid wearing jeans that are either too tight or too big for you. They’ll create an undesirable image since lighter jeans are still less forgiving than darker ones. Slim fit or straight-leg will be the best choice.

    Compared to men, women are more selective about their jeans, since they are quite the make-or-break. Women also have more body curves and shapes to consider. To give you a better idea, check out the following guide to pick the right pair of jeans for your body type:

    -          If you want more highlights on your lower body, consider mid-rise band jeans and skinny fit. They will instantly give your curves a boost.

    -          On the contrary, if you wish for less focus on the lower part, then choose more relaxed fitting styles. They give your thigh more space around the thigh area. However, remember not to wear jeans that are too loose since they’ll make your look sloppy.

    -          If you want to make your small waist stand out, wide-leg and slightly flared jeans are the best options for you. Combine them with a cropped or fitted top, and they will really make others focus on your best body feature.

    -          For curvy ladies, avoid stretchy material since they will easily show your flaws. Go for sturdier, less flexible denim to easily hide any unwanted imperfection.

    -          And for ladies who have very few curves on their body and hope to have a nicer silhouette, go for skinny, low waist jeans. Avoid baggy or loose-fitted jeans since they will easily swallow your figure.

    - Ripped light blue jeans are also a current trend to follow if you like the casual, distressed vibe.  Whether they’re light rips at the hem or bold cut-outs, they will certainly make a great highlight to your light-colored jeans outfits.

    How to choose the right color to add to the outfit?

    What color goes with light blue jeans? Technically, there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong color’ to combine with your light blue jeans. However, there are colors that can make you look even better, so why not choose them instead?

    One advantage of having a pair of light wash jeans is that there are so many options for a great color combination. Other than contrasting the bright hue with darker tops and accessories, how about pairing it with the tones of the same effect?

    Neutral colors like black and white work wonderfully well with this jeans color, but also do pastel and nude shades. These tones bring a completely different vibe compared to when they’re mixed and matched with darker jeans.

    At the same time, the only colors you should avoid are the ones that aren’t flattering on your skin tone. They might still make a great outfit together with your light blue jeans, but they definitely won’t look good.

    Here can you see how light blue jeans work? If you have never owned one pair of light wash denims, you can get one or simply transfer your dark blue jeans to light blue ones. If you are interested in a DIY way to get your light-colored bottom, this video will show you how:  

    How to choose the right time and occasion?

    Light wash jeans are very casual – thus, they shouldn’t be worn on formal occasions. They are the most suitable for family outings, coffee dates with friends, or when you’re going on a trip.

    These jeans undoubtedly look great in any season of the year. They fit especially well with chunky knit sweaters or hoodies but are also must-have summer fashion items. So don’t hesitate to keep them in the most accessible drawer in your closet. You’re more than likely to wear them all year round.

    What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans: Trendy Outfit Ideas

    Tops to wear with light blue jeans

    Light blue jeans are so versatile that they can go with most of the tops. But what goes with light blue jeans for stylish looks? With different weather, you can pair different tops and shirts with your light blue jeans. Below are some of our recommendations for shirts that go with light blue jeans according to each season:

    For spring

    Hoodies or Sweatshirts

    For spring, pair your light blue jeans with a cozy hoodie or sweatshirt.  This is also the best time of the year to rock pastel colors! They’ll give you a fresh, bright look that fits the spring mood perfectly.

    For Summer


    What looks good with light blue jeans? No wonder that it will be a tee. For summer, a T-shirt and jeans combo might be the safest choice for just anyone. Try the white graphic tee – blue jeans pairing for an effortlessly fashionable outfit. 

    Hawaiian Shirts

    However, why not spice it up a bit with some stylized shirts that go incredibly well with light blue jeans? Hawaiian shirts and button-ups are great options for you.

    Read more: How to Wear A Hawaiian Shirt & Not Look Silly

    Polo Shirts 

    The best match for a smart yet sporty look is to pair light wash denim jeans with polo shirts. This combo can be best used for daily wear or any dress down Friday!

    For fall

    Flannel Shirts

    For fall, flannel shirts and warm tone items are undoubtedly the most preferred pick. 

    Lightweight Sweaters

    You also can start wearing a light sweater with your jeans as well when yellow leaves start to fall.

    For winter

    Finally, winter is the best time to be buried in those chunky sweaters and turtlenecks.

    Outerwear to wear with light blue jeans

    Not surprisingly, a lot of coats and jackets look amazing with light blue jeans. You can check out some examples:

    Denim Jackets

    Jeans-on-jeans might seem like an unusual and gaudy clothing choice when you think about it, but they work! Don’t be afraid to try and put on a denim jacket of a darker shade with your light blue jeans outfit.

    Leather Jackets

    Not only is a leather jacket the way to go for a rock-chic outfit, it’s the easiest item for a stylish look. Consider other leather colors as well, like brown or red, instead of just sticking with black.

    Bomber Jackets

    This combo creates a fashionable outfit that’s extremely easy to put together. You can look edgy, sporty or smart with different mixing and matching of a bomber and light blue jeans.

    Trench Coats

    Look the best for the weekends with a touch of elegance. A neutral color trench coat ensures comfort while bringing you that smart casual look without any effort needed.


    The combination of cardigans and jeans will surely be your preferred outfit for cold weather. A thin, cropped cardigan with light blue jeans forms a trendy look, while a chunky knit cardigan will make you feel extra warm and cozy.

    Shoes to wear with light blue jeans

    A lot of people might think that black shoes would be the best footwear choice when you wear light blue jeans. It’s true that black footwear suits this jeans color really well, but they are not the only option.

    Almost all neutral color shoes can be a perfect match for light blue jeans. Try wearing nude color heels and brown boots for a change! You might even find them more exciting and fashionable than your usual black shoes. White sneakers are also an amazing alternative.

    If you have skinny light blue jeans, then chunkier shoes like combat boots and platform sneakers will work wonders. Knee-high boots can also help highlight your long legs.

    On the other hand, straight-leg jeans, ankle boots and heels are the better options to contrast the looseness of the jeans.

    Accessories to wear with light blue jeans

    There are plenty of fashionable ways to add extra touches to your outfit. Some eye-catching accessories will definitely do the job.

    A few broadband bracelets or colorful bandanas around your wrist will definitely grab everyone’s attention. But if you’re looking for some more subtle jewelry, you can try some silver earrings with your light blue jeans outfit.

    A handbag in black or nude color is both practical and a great fashion accessory. Put on a dark color belt to contrast with the jeans. Sunglasses are also indispensable items for any jeans outfit.

    Finally, wear a chic hat such as a baker boy hat or beret to make you really stand out with your light blue jeans outfit. 

    This is a wrap-up for this article about what to wear with light blue jeans. Have you found which blue jeans outfit ideas inspire you most? If you have other ways to mix and match light blue jeans, don’t hesitate to share with us!

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