This year, going to school is a little different. Instead of sitting in the usual classroom, we are now sitting at home in front of our laptop.

    However, don’t let this discourage you from looking your best. There are many zero-effort ways to appear not only presentable but also trendy and motivated.

    Whether you’re a teacher or a student eager to learn, here are some school shirt ideas for you.

    We understand remote learning can be stressful for some, especially for younger children and their teachers.

    You have to change from your familiar routine, and face countless unexpected difficulties when it comes to using online format.

    Therefore, having some ways to stay inspired and keep looking forward to your next class should be your top priority.

    These are a few suggestions on how you can maintain your school spirit from us at Hyperfavor. We hope that you will find them helpful, and encourage you to start a new school year with a great outlook.

    How To Stay Motivated For New School Year

    Sometimes, you might feel like online studying/teaching is stressing you too much. You don’t feel good waking up in the morning to another Zoom call.

    You start to lose the motivation to do well with your school work like you used to. If those thoughts ever occur to you, then you might want to take some of these advice.

    Create a good working/studying environment

    No one will feel like doing anything in an unorganized space. If you’re a teacher, it’s even more important. You certainly don’t want your students to laugh at your messy workspace!

    While staying at home, take your time cleaning and decorating your study space to get inspired. Sitting at the same desk to work suddenly feels way better!

    Set up a routine

    Unless you set a goal to do well every day, you can easily lose the motivation to study. Thus, by setting up regular schedules, you can stay on track with your schoolwork.

    You know what to expect on the next day, and it’ll certainly lessen the stress on you. Remember to include regular breaks to your routine in order to stay healthy and happy.

    Reward yourself

    You can set up a reward yourself when you complete a task. Whether it’s getting good grades in a subject or finishing a due assignment, knowing that you can enjoy a good benefit when you’ve completed them will surely keep you on your feet.

    Once you’ve achieved the goal you’ve set up, give yourself a good prize for your effort.

    Dress up well

    People tend to overlook how a good outfit can positively change your mood for the day. Dressing up in something you enjoy, or something that sparks joy in you, can help you stay energized for school.

    Check out some school T-shirt design ideas to know what you can wear for a more cheerful study mood.

    School Shirt Ideas: What To Wear For The Best School Day

    Teacher T-shirts Ideas

    1.  ”A Teacher Takes A Hand, Opens A Mind And Touches A Heart” T-shirt

    This inspirational teacher T-shirt speaks to all teachers out there! The colorful design with vibrant typography will certainly make you look the best.

    school shirt ideas

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    The quote will remind you of how rewarding being a teacher is. You are the one who nurtures and gives the students more than just knowledge.

    It’s the love and kindness you give to them that matters. Your students will also feel happy seeing how you value teaching them as well.

    2.  “I Teach Awesome Kids” T-shirt

    This is certainly one of the cutest teacher shirt ideas. We take on the classic apple for teachers, and turn it into a T-shirt that you can wear to any class.

    school shirt ideas

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    The tee features a bright red apple design that will definitely catch the attention of anyone at school. You will also show how much you adore your students, and that you’re so proud to be teaching them.

    Other students will definitely be jealous of the kids in your class for having such a cool and loving teacher like you.

    3.  “Today’s Good Mood Is Sponsored By Coffee” T-shirt

    How about a funny T-shirt for teachers that will certainly make your students laugh out loud? This shirt is for the humorous teacher who loves to see the smile on their student’s face.

    school shirt ideas

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    There’s no doubt that teaching is a tiresome job. Having to stay up late to finish with work and wake up early for classes means coffee is your best friend. If you haven’t had your usual dose of caffeine, your mood will definitely become worse.

    You students must already know how much you rely on it in the morning, and they’ll find the quote on the shirt so funny and relatable.

    4.  “The Future Of The World Is In This Room Today” T-shirt

    Another idea for a teacher T-shirt that’s super heartwarming and inspirational. With the cute and colorful image, this shirt is sure to bring positivity to the whole classroom.

    school shirt ideas

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    All teachers appreciate being able to see the kids they are teaching become successful in the future. Not only do you help them learn about the world, you also teach them to be a great person.

    Any student can take part in creating a better world, and you should be very proud that you’re playing a big part in making it come true.

    5.  ”Dedicated Teacher Even From A Distance” T-shirt

    A great teacher shirt that perfectly fits the 2020 distant learning situation. This tee will show your determination on making the school year wonderful for the children, even with the pandemic holding us back.

    school shirt ideas

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    With the colorful design, the tee will motivate you to give the best of your ability to your students. Even when you’re not meeting face to face, the kids will still feel your dedication and effort in teaching them.

    You’ll surely find the same enthusiasm and fun you class always have together.

    6.  “I Don’t Need A Superhero Costume, I’m A Teacher” T-shirt

    Finally, we have another positive teacher tee that will give you constant motivation. Knowing how hard your job is and how important teaching is to the world, this shirt is dedicated to you. You have done so much to bring joy and knowledge to the students.

    school shirt ideas

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    Thus, all teachers should deserve the title of ‘superhero’, without having to put on a costume. You’d definitely want to have this shirt in the closet as a way of telling yourself to be proud of your effort every day.

    School Spirit Shirt Ideas For Students

    7.  Never Stop Learning T-shirt

    For students, it’s very important to keep a clear objective and work diligently every day to achieve it. But once you’ve accomplished the life goal that you’ve set out, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

    school shirt ideas

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    Life never stops giving us challenges and teaches us more than just common knowledge. That’s why you have to constantly enrich your knowledge, and find any opportunities to learn.

    This school spirit T-shirt will motivate you to study and do well in class for the same reason. This is one of the meaningful graduate shirt ideas as well.

    8.  Bookaholic Flamingo T-shirt

    Nothing can show off your enthusiasm for studying and love for reading like this adorable T-shirt! The shirt has a lovely design, showing the image of a cute flamingo holding up a stack of books.

    school shirt ideas

    This adorable tee will motivate you to read more and learn more every day. In no time, you’ll be able to achieve your study goal and get high grades for all the subjects!

    9.  “Get Your Cray On” T-shirt

    This playfully designed T-shirt with a crayon in the middle will motivate you to always try your best in school. Whether it’s sports or learning in class, you should give it all you’ve got.

    There’s nothing wrong with putting a little ‘crazy’ energy to do well at school for once in a while!

    school shirt ideas

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    You can even customize the shirt with your own name to add your unique touch to the apparel. This will be a great shirt to start a new school year.

    10.  “This Is How I Social Distance” T-shirt

    Our final recommendation is another relatable school shirt that perfectly describes the online studying situation this year. With the pandemic, our only way to learn is through our laptop screen, together with our headphones and books.

    school shirt ideas

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    Even though it’s not easy for most of us, we should all be grateful that we can still have access to education. It’s best to stay positive and enjoy the online class to the best.

    Therefore, having this shirt will remind you to appreciate what you’re having, and be more motivated to study during this hard time.

    You can get all the items above from us at Hyperfavor. We’d be glad if these recommendations and ideas for school shirts can motivate you through the new school year.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries or if you want to make any requests. We’re always happy to help!

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