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    Thanksgiving is approaching, and fall-winter fashion reigns supreme. Thanksgiving brings together all of your favorite things in one day, including great dishes, family reunions, and, last but not least, fashion.

    Do you have any idea of what to wear for Thanksgiving? If not, read this article carefully. Hyperfavor will go through the Thanksgiving wardrobe in great detail, from casual attire for a family feast to dressy outfits for a fine dining establishment.

    Tips to choose Thanksgiving attire

    Prioritize comfortable Thanksgiving clothing

    As previously said, Thanksgiving is marked by large feasts with a variety of home-cooked dishes. Uncomfortable clothing, such as loose slacks or skinny jeans with belts, should be avoided. It is preferable to choose anything that allows you to move freely.

    What To Wear For Thanksgiving

    Pay attention to occasion to dress up

    The most important guideline of fashion is to dress appropriately. It's also true when it comes to Thanksgiving outfits. What to wear on Thanksgiving Day must be appropriate for the occasion. Do you attend family events at home or in a classy restaurant, for example? Do you spend time with your family playing board games on the floor or going on vacations?

    Consider flexible ensembles like sweaters, cardigans, and jeans if you're looking for pieces that combine comfort and flair.

    Use accessories

    Even if your Thanksgiving is a more informal occasion, you can always add a touch of sparkle with your accessories, or opt for a silk shirt instead of cotton, for example, to offer a touch of luxury. You'll still be comfortable, but your look will have a festive flavor.

    What To Wear For Thanksgiving

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    Materials and color are also important

    Thanksgiving is celebrated in the transition season when we literally put on everything and endless layers to keep our body warm. Consequently, material for the inner, middle, and outer layer should be considered carefully. 

    As it’s the festive season, a bold color like red is suitable and helps you stand out in the party and on the street. Velvet or jacquard are highly recommended for Thanksgiving outfits for women.

    What to wear for Thanksgiving: Suggesting outfits

    Casual Thanksgiving look 

    Casual look is a relaxed and comfortable type of dressing, just having fun with clothing. It is suitable for hanging out with friends and eating at home with family members. Casual dress code for Thanksgiving consists of a cardigan, button down shirt, sweater, and blouse. For bottom wear, you can dig a pair of khaki pants, jeans, and neutral-colored trousers. Put some same colored accessories like a belt and brown shoes to complement your getup. 

    • Chinos + Hawaiian shirt + Blazer

    Wanna dress politely but not too formal? This combo is for you. In the past, blazers were considered not suitable when going with Hawaiian shirts. But time has changed, and there is no limitation in fashion. Throw on this outfit for a relaxed Thanksgiving night out with friends. 

    As Hawaiian shirts themselves are bold and vibrant, plain Chinos or dark chinos would work best for this getup. This is also true for blazer choice. Pattern blazers like stripe, checkerboard, or leopard print should be avoided. 

    Chinos + Hawaiian shirt + Blazer
    • Chocolate brown/Black loose-fitting trouser + White button down shirt + belt 

    These items are super versatile, as they can be worn separately. You can add more sparkle accessories to stay polished and outstanding in the crowd. Moreover, loose-fitting trousers are far roomier and flexible, allowing you to move and walk freely. 

    There are many footwear choices available to choose to finish this outfit. A pair of sneakers help you look more active and youthful for a day out with friends, while nice boots create a chic look and a classy vibe. 

    • Leggings + Sweatshirt/Sweater + Blazer 

    Are you a big fan of leggings? We will help you to improve your ensemble with leggings. Remember that you can’t use yoga leggings or athletics leggings for this outfit. 

    Pair leggings with a sweatshirt or sweater and layer over a blazer. They keep your Thanksgiving look simple but stylish. A sweatshirt or sweater with bold graphics match with holiday season themed, and a blazer has the power of turning every outfit into a timeless and dress-appropriate one. This attire might help you look better without putting in a lot of effort. For those who wish to add an elegant feeling, wear drop earrings and a nice pair of boots. Done! You are ready for Thanksgiving. 

    What To Wear For Thanksgiving
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    • Khakis pants + Hoodie + Sneakers 

    The combination of a hoodie and khaki pants speaks comfort and laid-back style. Both of them are among the crucial elements in any modern people’s closet. For an effortless Thanksgiving look, why don’t you put on this ensemble? 

    This easy-to-put-together outfit assists you in looking great and ready for anything without having to spend a lot of time digging through your closet. Go for a Thanksgiving hoodie, and simple design and well -tailored pants. Finish off with a pair of low top or high top sneakers, depending on your personal preference. 

    • Jeans + T-shirt + Cardigan

    You can’t overlook this Thanksgiving ensemble, which perfectly merges style and functionality. It's both useful and festive, keeping your comfort and flexibility all day while looking great in the family photo.

    On Thanksgiving Day, a T-shirt and cardigan is a wonderful combination for the cooler temperature. They give you freedom of mobility without sacrificing style. They're comfortable to wear and may be styled up or down with a few pieces.

    What To Wear For Thanksgiving

    Classy style

    Thanksgiving is also an appropriate time to dress up and put on your best attire. We all want to look good on party nights with friends and gathering parties at lavish places. Classy dress code includes long dress, skirt, and trousers for women, and suit, button down shirt, and chinos for men. Jeans are not allowed in dressy Thanksgiving clothing. 

    You can never be too dressed up, so take advantage of basic items and put together something spectacular.

    Regarding footwear, leather shoes, loafers, mary janes, and high heels are acceptable. Pay attention to the color to ensure it matches with your overall outfit. Brown, black, other neural-colored are much safer choices for you. 

    • Long dress + Bling headband + High heels

    What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? Dresses are usually the greatest option, mixing with a pair of spectacular heels and decent jewelry can be a remarkable Thanksgiving ensemble. Available in distinct style and color, choose one stunning dress that you feel most confident in. It could be the dress's cut, strategically featured cutouts, manual embellishments, beautiful lighting effect fabrics. The ideal length for Thanksgiving dress is just above or below the knees. 

    • Long pants + Button up shirt + Gile

    Needless to say, this outfit is classic for all men on Thanksgiving day for a dressy event. A button up shirt and long pants seem to never go out of style. For a touch of classy, a pattern gile or an embroidered print one with the outer layer can achieve it. 

    When choosing pants, make sure they're high-quality, fitted, and solid black, with a straight or cropped leg. You may also use a dark charcoal gray or a winter white. Starting with a neutral basis allows you to go a little more upscale elsewhere. You can add some accessories to add a personal taste of fashion if you want like handwatch, cavats, etc. 

    • Sweater dress + tall boots + trend coat

    For your Thanksgiving party, throw yourself in a sweater dress, a belt, a trend coat, and tall boots. You are ready to start your day in a stylish way. This outfit is specially designed for cold weather and rainy days. 

    With the timeless item - trend coat, this outfit gives off an edgier vibe and aids sophistication to your look. For the holiday season, you can try bright hues for your trend coat like light pink, bright yellow, or navy. Don’t forget to put on long boots to express a sexy statement. 

    • Suit + leather shoes

    Consider suits for both men and women's dressy clothes. It is ideal to go for a suit in a conventional color like gray, black, or tan. Find a good suit that fits your body. You’d better have a tailor make your suit. They are more professional and experienced than you, so they know how to make your look live up to your expectations. 

    A widespread misunderstanding is that a suit does not go well with accessories. Without a belt on your waist, a suit appears incomplete. You can glam them up with huge cufflinks, a tie pin, or a dazzling tie clip if you wish. However, make sure that the color of each complements your entire look. Master the basics if you're a newbie to suit clothing, then mix and match with flashy things later. After all, in the world of suits, less is typically more.

    Final thought 

    Here is the compile of tips and suggestions on what to wear for Thanksgiving. We hope that you find it helpful for your Thanksgiving outfit ideas. Thanksgiving Day is a great event to gather up with family and friends, so keep in mind our tips to get the most of this beautiful time of the year. Always choose comfortable clothes and keep your body warm. Contact us if you have any questions or comments. 

    Check out all of our hoodies and sweaters collection if you're looking for some inspiration for general fall and winter clothing. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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