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    Planning to attend a Hawaiian themed party but don’t know which outfit to rock? What to pack when preparing for a Hawaii trip? Then here is some advice for Hawaiian costume ideas that will certainly make you the center of attention.

    Floral patterns have no bounds, and no hue is too vibrant. So, if you want to get into the aloha mood, don’t hesitate to put on a few trendy clothing. Even if you are not a fashionista, Hawaiian themed costume ideas are easy to mix-and-match. Bringing the extra festive ambiance with some typical accessories to complete the ensemble. 

    Which traditions are not actually from Hawaii?

    People often ask a lot about Hawaiian stereotypes. “Do you wear coconut bras?” “Does everyone in Hawaii wear grass skirts?”, etc., these questions were the hottest debates.

    Of course, the answer to all those questions was obviously “no”. It is undeniable that people were having misconceptions about Hawaiian traditions. You might be surprised by how many things you think are native to Hawaii, but actually aren’t.

    Many Polynesian traditions are popularized and marketed to tourists as Hawaiian. If you take a walk down Waikiki Beach, you’ll see many tiki bars, torches and fire dancing. Women are dressed in coconut bras and grass skirts, swaying their hips to what’s presumably Hawaiian hulas. But do you know tiki bars actually originated in California? Or the hula you’re seeing might be a Tahitian version and not Hawaiian?

    Hawaiian Costume Ideas

    These marketing inventions are currently proposed to be changed. When tourists see holiday brochures with images such as coconut bras and tiki torches, they automatically assume they are depicting real-life Hawaiian culture. While in reality, real Hawaiian cultures can be as – if not more – exciting and attractive. Hawaiian traditions are something that is unique and completely different from many other tropical paradises.

    Therefore, it’s important to clarify what does and what doesn’t belong to Hawaiians. Whenever you plan a trip to Hawaii or take part in a Hawaii themed party, the first thing is to understand Hawaiian culture. That said, you should definitely cross out the coconut bras and grass skirts from all your Hawaii costume ideas.

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    Hawaiian costume ideas: Parties and celebrations

    Aloha shirts

    When it comes to Hawaiian costumes, aloha shirts, also known as Hawaiian shirts, are a must-have. They're a type of dress shirt that's essential for any Hawaiian gathering or vacation. They're also popular items people wear at smart casual and informal occasions.

    Aloha shirts come in a variety of colors and designs with vivid printed graphics. With endless floral patterns, palm trees, and Hawaiian beaches printed all over the shirt, each aloha shirt is one-of-a-kind. Hawaiian shirts are attractive and trendy and are available for both men and women. Don't be afraid to tuck them into your shorts or slacks and rock any outdoor event.

    Hawaiian Costume Ideas

    You can always go fancy and choose a customizable Hawaiian shirt to make your look even more unique.

    Add a plain T-shirt and shorts to go with your shirt and you already have an effortless Hawaiian costume.


    Muumuu, a flowy outfit that looks like a combination between a shirt and a robe, is another emblem of Hawaiian clothing. They're one of the cutest yet most practical Hawaiian girl costume ideas.

    Muumuus, like aloha shirts, are brightly colored and have seamless floral patterns printed on them. They're appropriate for both formal and casual settings. Choose muumuus that are simple and subdued in color, then combine them with a cardigan and sneakers. Finished! On weekdays, you are ready to work. You may absolutely choose something vivid to fit the party spirit for weddings, anniversaries, and festivals.

    Muumuus are suitable for the spring-summer season since they provide maximum comfort and movement. Check out these gorgeous floral muumuus that would be ideal for the summer.

    It's not all about the bright colors and patterns. Muumuus that can be worn on a daily basis are more elegant and simple. Plaids, stripes, and solids can be worn for any occasion. Don't forget about the accessories to complete the tropical look.

    Native floral print clothing

    When you look at floral print clothing, most of the time you won’t be able to make any connection to Hawaii. However, you can easily solve that problem by choosing apparel with native Hawaiian flowers. Hibiscus and plumeria are the obvious choices. But you can pick other tropical prints as well, especially those with big and vibrant flowers.

    Floral pattern clothing, on the other hand, is difficult to style. Always remember to balance your prints. Adding accessories in one of the print's main hues. If determining the main color is difficult, you should utilize the background color.

    Hawaiian costume ideas: Parties and celebrations

    Is it permissible for guys to wear floral prints? Well, times have changed, and flowery prints are no longer just for women's clothing. And, with the adoption of colors such as pink, baby blue, and others, males are willing to embrace the floral trend.

    In terms of Hawaiian party costume ideas for males, what floral stuff are available? Now put on your flower t-shirt, which you threw on first. You'll be bringing a fresh splash of design and color whether you choose a shirt with minimal embellishment or one with the print all over.

    Choosing a fantastic floral button down is another great approach to show off your particular style in everyday ensembles. For your casual and work outfits, floral suits or blazers are worth considering. Suits don't have to be dull in the twenty-first century.

    Hula outfit

    If you want some true ‘Hawaiian’ luau costume ideas, why not go all out and rock a full hula outfit?

    One of the most prominent traditional Hawaiian outfits is the hula costume. A lei, a grass skirt, and ankle whalebone or dog's tooth bracelets were once part of the standard attire.

    However, the costumes are now more modest. Women wear long skirts as bottom wear, and a knit bra or a bandeau are used as top. Then, throw over leis and floral crowns. Men wear trousers under grass skirts, pairing with Hawaiian shirts or short sleeve shirts.  Bracelets and anklets are worn by all genders, but the materials have been changed.They are often made of flowers, beads, or shells.

    Regarding footwear, leaving bare feet is highly recommended when wearing hulas, as they are rooted in Hawaiian oral traditions and hula dance performance. Sandals and flip flops are acceptable.

    Accessories ideas to go with your Hawaiian party costume

    Flip flops

    No tropical party outfit is complete without you wearing those vibrant flip flops. Well, you can definitely attend with simple footwear, but having more colors on you is never the wrong choice for this type of event.

    If you're wearing flip flops but still want to channel your inner fashionista, go all out with the summer look. Combine flip flops with sunglasses and beach hair for a relaxed look.

    Leis and haku leis

    The gorgeous, colorful flower garlands and crowns will tie your Hawaiian look together in no time. It’s not wrong to say that they are no doubt the staple look of Hawaii. You can make your own leis and add any flower you want. Even if you don’t have fresh flowers, artificial leis can work just fine.

    Plumeria and hibiscus hair accessories

    Most people think that wearing flowers as hair accessories is an easy way to elevate the outfit, and it’s certainly true. But do you know that different placement of the flower also means different things?

    In Hawaiian culture, a flower on your ear can indicate your relationship status. When a flower is placed on the right ear, it means you’re single and open for a new relationship.

    Plumeria and hibiscus hair accessories

    On the other hand, you would want to put the flower on the left ear if you want to tell people that you already have a partner. This cool fun fact is a great way to start a conversation in a party, and who knows, maybe the flower on your right ear can be switched to the left after that night!

    Final thought

    Culture needs to be nurtured and preserved, and costumes can contribute largely to this work. And, Hawaiian people still work to preserve elements of their original culture and share them with the rest of the world. 

    It would be preferable that you choose symbolized Hawaiian clothing for Hawaii-related events. Consult our Hawaiian costume ideas to locate some clues and get ready to get the most of your activities. 

    Feel free to fill in what I’m missing down in the comments, we’d very much appreciate it. Mahalo and aloha!

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