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    Are you planning a trip to Hawaii and want a Maui itinerary that will show you the highlights of the island? Have you ever fantasized of trekking to a hidden waterfall and leaping into the rushing water? Perhaps you imagined yourself sipping a lava flow drink on one of the island's beautiful beaches. For you to enjoy your trip to Maui the fullest, here's Hyperfavor’s ultimate Maui packing list to make sure you've got everything you'll need for your sunny getaway. It's vital to travel with an open mind and a sense of humor, and to always respect the local Hawaiians, no matter where you're going.

    Maui Island - the Valley Isle

    Each major Hawaiian island has such a nickname, and Maui is known as the Valley Isle. On your flight to Maui, the flight attendants or tour organizers will probably help you to figure out why it's called that. Many of Maui's cities are wedged between Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains

    The weather on Maui

    The weather in Hawaii is consistently warm and pleasant throughout the year, with only minor seasonal changes. You'll want to pack for warm days and colder evenings. During the dry season, which runs from spring to early October, daytime highs average in the mid- to high-80s, with nighttime lows plunging 15 to 20 degrees. The winter wet season cools things down a touch, with typical highs in the low 80s and lows in the mid-60s.

    The weather on the Hawaiian island of Maui varies from coast to coast and as elevation changes. Most resort areas are located on the west leeward coast, which is normally drier than the east windward coast. Upcountry Maui, a mountainous location along the Haleakala volcano's slopes, may be considerably colder. The peak of Haleakala, at 10,023 feet above sea level, may get below freezing and even snow!

    Because of these changes, you'll need to layer your outfits to wear in Hawaii if you intend to see the dawn from the top of Haleakala, a famous Maui trip.

    When to travel to Maui

    You'll want to visit between April and May if you want to escape a swarm of tourists. From June through August, Maui gets a lot of family vacationers, so the beaches may be a little more busy.

    The best time to visit Maui is during the spring and summer months, especially April through September. During this period, temperatures are in the pleasant 80s, and it is not so rainy.

    April rains may continue, but this is primarily in the east and west of the island, with southern and central Maui being quite dry! Take a look at comments on Tripadvisor before going to Maui.

    What to bring to Maui


    You won't need many top clothes for Hawaiian vacation, but you will need layers. Maui isn't very chilly, but it is rainy. You'll need a range of outfits to wear in Hawaii if you're going trekking or heading to the beach. The number of shirts you require is mostly determined on your level of activity.


    To make your great moments greater, Hyperfavor brings you a wide range of striking tropical T-shirts dressing for Hawaii vacation.

    Best tropical shirts exclusively for party eccentrics

    People who love parties will prefer unusual, outstanding clothing that makes them special in front of others. Hence, such people are destined for our tropical button-up shirts with Hawaiian patterns such as this Jungle Humming Birds T-shirt, which is of interest to many customers.

    If you are an animal lover, especially a tiger enthusiast, you must be into some cheap tropical shirts with plenty of tigers printed on them. We highly recommend you to consider this stunning Jungle Tiger T-shirt – an item with a tiger all-over pattern in the Hawaiian style.

    Besides, it would be a great idea if those Hawaiian tropical shirts are worn as a group uniform on your vacation since our stunning shirts can drive your beach-party into a lively, hectic one!

    Tropical tee shirts for usual cheerful times

    Need a vivacious item for hanging out but still want some vitamin sea? We got it! This series of tropical printed shirts couldn’t be more satisfying for you as it brings exactly what you need. We’re excited to show you this Sunflower Summer Vibes Sunset T-shirt, which can radiate some beach vibes to release stress.

    The “Pastel Tropical Pineapples” T-shirt is another option that you might find fascinating. You can match this tee either with jeans or with shorts, both of which are perfect combinations!

    Hawaiian shirts

    It’s been a long time since people only prefer wearing coconut-and-beach-themed shirts when going on summer vacations or having a good time by the sea. These days, modern shirt designs have spread out, covering plenty of ideas and concepts for the public to choose from.
    Aspiring to meet the needs of customers, Hyperfavor cannot wait to put forward our recommendations for the best Hawaiian shirts ever found on the Internet. The diversity in the styles of shirts is considerable enough to cater to everyone, ranging from funny Hawaiian shirts like Witchicorn Halloween Unicorn to vintage-themed versions such as Sunset Venice Beach, or this thrilling and cool Hawaiian shirt named Show Your Teeth Shark (in case those are not enough for your taste).


    Even if you don't need pants, you must wear bottoms! A pair of shorts is the ideal method to combat the heat while being comfortable. There is no dress code here, so wear your short shorts if you want to!

    Among all the Maui wear in our beach shorts for guys collection, floral ones are definitely some of the most classic pieces for summer days. With bright and vivid patterns of flowers, leaves, and birds, these awesome shorts are certain to light up your surroundings’ atmosphere and spirit. If you love this nature-like kind of design, you may also love these two tropical Hummingbird and Flamingo beach shorts.

    They say the fun at the beach is endless, then why don’t we just keep adding more of it? And guess what? You can have more fun just by putting on some playful items. This Stop Staring At My Cock and other funny men’s swim board shorts are sure to crack others up with their quirky looks. If you fancy this style, find more options available on our website.

    Created in the form of stretch board shorts together with soft fabrics, Hyperfavor ensures these will be your most unique, stylish, and comfortable items to rock your vacation days. Also having multiple sizes ranging from small to plus size, our collection of quick-dry board shorts is hoped to satisfy you all.


    Maui has a laid-back vibe, so unless you plan on wearing exquisite gowns as a nightgown, I recommend bringing a couple nice dresses for your Maui packing list. You'll want to go out for a drink or a nice meal at some point, and a sundress simply doesn't cut it.


    Swimwear is required for beach days, but you'll also need some light layers to put on top to make moving between activities or grabbing a quick bite to eat simpler. When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, a lady can never have too many bikinis. However, if your suitcase won't support everything, you'll be good with these following Maui wear:


    Bring at least two swimsuits to Maui so that one can dry while the other is worn. If you plan to perform some surfing or other water activities, you may want at least one choice to be more supportive. When we come across a beach, one of my favorite bathing suits features a sports bikini top that makes it easy to shift from hiking or adventure to swimming.

    Swim cover-up

    Cover-ups that look like dresses make it easy to transition from the beach to meals without having to come back to the hotel for changing. A sarong is easy to pack and ideal for running to the bathroom or getting beverages at the pool or beach. However, kimonos, extra-long shirts, and loose skirts are ideal for providing some shade from the heat.


    Locals and visitors alike love rash guards in Hawaii. You'll probably only need a rash guard if you want to go surfing or participate in other water activities, but they also provide decent sun protection for the time you'll be outside. They shield the wearer from UV rays as well as any friction or contact pain that may occur while using a bodyboard, surfboard, or a variety of other water sports equipment.



    Many of Maui's favorite treks on ordinary dirt paths may be done with travel sandals. After that, you can do another activity while wearing the same shoes.
    Hiking sandals may be preferable than ordinary beach sandals or flip flops since they are intended to provide a bit more grip.

    While these shoes or footwear will not entirely prevent you from slipping, they will provide you with a stronger grip than normal footwear!


    There are several Maui hiking paths where sandals are not recommended. If you prefer hiking shoes for any reason, trail running shoes might be ideal for Hawaii trails. They provide greater traction than ordinary shoes while being less hefty than hiking boots.

    On Maui, some beaches are essentially sand-only beaches. With this kind of beaches, going barefoot for a good long walk around the beach with your toes in the sand is no issue. Although the sand may become warm, it will be cooler where the ocean meets the coast.

    Water shoes are recommended for these sorts of beaches, especially if you plan on snorkeling.

    If you're not wearing fins, water shoes can help protect you if your foot accidentally hits the reef as coral reefs can be harmful.

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